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UN Security Council renews cross-border Syria aid authorization

IS threat led to closure of Western embassies in Egypt

Turkey's Religious Schools Rise as Erdogan Exerts Sway

Antiterrorism police in Istanbul arrested Z.M., a Russian national of Chechen origin, on suspicion of assassinating Abdullah Bukhari, 38, a dissident Uzbek religious leader in the city. On Dec. 5, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov claimed that Akhmat Umarov, a brother of late Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov, was behind the deadly Dec. 4 attack in Grozny and demanded his extradition from Turkey. Turkish police arrested at least 31 people, including the editor of a leading newspaper, in simultaneous raids conducted in 13 provinces in a crackdown on opposition media. Police officers who had investigated al Qaeda cells in Turkey were also targeted.

Egypt looks to roll back Islamist militias in Libya

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Iran confirms it carried out air strikes against Islamic State extremists in Iraq

Syria's Assad downplays US strikes on Islamic State

White House Seeks to Clarify Syria Policy

The Jihad Cult: Why Young Germans Are Answering Call to 'Holy War'

Who is paying for America's plan to train and equip Syrian rebels?

Turkish media reported that Abd El Basset Azzouz, a senior al Qaeda leader in Libya and suspect in the 2012 murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, was seized in a joint CIA-Turkish raid in Yalova on Nov. 13. Azzouz was reportedly moved to Jordan on Nov. 24 for extradition to the US. Thirteen members of the Turkish Youth Union were indicted for assaulting US sailors on Nov. 12. The US Embassy warned yesterday of reports that "extremist groups" might be planning to attack the Syrian Interim Government building in Gaziantep.

Turkey's Hamas 'bureau'

About 110 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters from Iraq will be allowed to transit through Turkey to replace 150 Peshmerga in Kobane, Syria. Military officials denied a report that Islamic State fighters had attacked Kobane from Turkish soil. Long-buried Turkish landmines near the border with Syria are said to have killed and injured a number of Syrian civilians fleeing Kobane. Following his first public speech since his release in July from 16 years' imprisonment, Salih İzzet Erdiş, the leader of the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Great East Raiders Front, met with President Erdogan. In 2004 Erdis was sentenced to 20 years for making bombs and weapons while in prison.

Islamists come out on top in new effort to unify Syrian rebel groups

Syria says US-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State

Pope urges solidarity to stop aggressors in Syria and Iraq

Qatar runs covert desert training camp for Syrian rebels