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The National Constituent Assembly approved the new constitution by an overwhelming majority vote. Prime Minister-designate Mehdi Jomaa announced the names for his caretaker cabinet, which will include Lotfi Ben Jeddou, an Ennahda party member who will continue as Interior Minister.

Hundreds of Islamists rally against new Tunisia charter

Social Media Jihad: Ayman al Zawahiri addresses infighting in Syria

Customs authorities said the fact that some 5,000 Libyans entered Tunisia at Ras Jedir yesterday had nothing to do with security problems and was likely due to school holidays. Security authorities also dismissed reports of terrorist infiltration from Algeria into Ain Soltane in Jendouba. Efforts to obtain asylum in Sweden for Jaber Majeri, who has been jailed for publishing cartoons deemed insulting to Islam, have stalled.

The Interior Ministry denied reports that a foreign intelligence agency has warned it that 450 mercenaries have infiltrated into Tunisia to conduct terrorist attacks. Border guards found 190,000 "hunting cartridges" in a van in Gabes governorate. The NCA recently passed a law granting compensation to victims of repression and Islamists in particular.

Rewards offered for Maghreb terrorists

Abu Iyadh, the wanted leader of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia, expressed support for al Qaeda's Syrian affiliates, the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. A coalition of religious groups demanded changes in the draft constitution as it allegedly violated the principles of Islam. A Tunisian judges' group slammed an Ennahda amendment that would allow the president to appoint members of the high court.

The US Embassy issued a warning to US citizens in Tunisia after the recent designation of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia as a terrorist group. On the night of Jan. 8 and morning of Jan. 9, protesters torched a police station in Sidi Bouzid, and violent protests also took place in Manouba. Calm was restored in Kasserine, Tala, and Feriana on Jan. 9.

State Department designates 3 Ansar al Sharia organizations, leaders

The State Department has designated three Ansar al Sharia organizations. Two of them were involved in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya and the third was involved in the Sept. 14, 2012 assault on the US Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia. The State Department says Ansar al Sharia Tunisia is "tied" to al Qaeda's affiliates, including al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Prime Minister Laarayedh announced his resignation but said he would oversee the government until a new one is formed. Two armed terrorist groups infiltrating into Kasserine last night retreated after clashing with security forces. The Interior Ministry is seeking the arrest of Algerian terrorist Khaled Chaïeb a.k.a. Lokmane Abou Sakhr, said to be hiding in Kasserine; he is linked to the murder of national guardsmen in the Chaambi area. The national guard launched raids in Chaambi and in the forests of Ghardimaou in Jendouba.

The Tunisian military bombed Islamist militant hideouts in Mount Chaambi on Jan. 5; the defense minister said between 25 and 30 militants are operating in the area near the Algerian border. The International Crisis Group recently warned that Tunisia is losing control over its border areas near Algeria and Libya, which have become hotbeds for extremists, jihadists, and criminals. Political parties, including the ruling Ennahda party, which has promised to step down, are trying to complete the transition to a caretaker government by Jan. 14. The Congress approved an amendment to the draft constitution banning "accusations of apostasy and incitement to violence."

Debate on the draft constitution was suspended when a deputy from the leftwing Popular Front said he had received death threats after a hardline Ennahda MP publicly denounced him as "an enemy of Islam." Tunisian MPs adopted language yesterday that said Islam was the state religion but promised freedom of conscience and rejected the idea that Islam be the main source of law.

Authorities arrested four terrorists in Sidi Bouzid on Jan. 1; detonators and explosives were seized along with weapons and cash. The Congress started debate on Tunisia's draft constitution.

Prime Minister Bhiri said yesterday that "[t]here is no relation between the reinforcement of security measures in the country and the information regarding the arrest of Ansar-Shariaa leader Abu Iyadh." Although Tunisian state media has reported Iyadh's capture, the US has denied involvement. The Foreign Ministry flatly denied the existence of US military bases on Tunisian territory near the Algerian border, which was alleged in a Dec. 30 Algerian media report .

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia denies emir was captured by US forces in Libya

Both Ansar al Sharia Tunisia and the US Embassy in Tunisia denied reports that Seifallah Hassine, the leader of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia, was captured by US forces in Libya. Police arrested seven Salafists in Kasserine yesterday who distributed leaflets banning New Year's celebrations and threatening bakeries.

Threats Push Tunisia, Algeria to Strengthen Ties

Police seized $2.3 million worth of gold on Dec. 27 while searching for militants and weapons at a checkpoint on a main road near the town of Al-Miknassi, which is close to Sidi Bouzid, a terrorist hotspot. Authorities would not say whether the gold was linked to terrorism, although the checkpoints have been set up due to fears of attacks by Islamist militants around the New Year. A Tunisian security expert warned that 300 Ansar al-Sharia "emirs" who have received weapons training in Libya are preparing to enter Tunisian territory to assume command of terrorist groups. The new emirs, said to include Libyans, Tunisians, Algerians, and Malians and to be armed with sophisticated weapons, recently swore allegiance to Ansar al Sharia. Yesterday the Interior Ministry dismissed reports that a bomb was found in the capital, and Tunisair denied social media reports that one of its planes had crashed into the sea.

Suicide bomber strikes security checkpoint near Benghazi, Libya

For the first time since the Libyan revolution, a suicide bomber attacked Libyan security forces. At least several Libyan soldiers were reportedly killed. No group has claimed responsibility, but the Libyan Army has blamed Ansar al Sharia.

Young Tunisians Are Being Recruited to Jihad