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Dutch police search house of 18-year-old Belgian raid suspect

Europe Tries to Stop Flow of Citizens Joining Jihad

Police arrested an Iraqi man who wanted to join al Qaeda in Syria to carry out attacks in the region. "The man wanted to travel to Syria to join al Qaeda and then possibly commit an attack in Iraq or Palestine," according to a statement by the public prosecutor.

Police have released 11 Somali men suspected of plotting to carry out attacks in the country. One man remains in custody, and another is still a suspect in a terror plot.

Police arrested 12 Somalis in Rotterdam after receiving intelligence of a plot to carry out attacks in the country. Searches of several homes, two motel rooms, and a telephone shop failed to uncover any weapons or explosives.

A Dutch court freed Wesam al Delaema from prison after he had served less than six years of a 25-year sentence. Delaema was convicted in a US court for joining an insurgent group and planting IEDs that were intended to kill US troops in Fallujah. The US had transferred Delaema to the Netherlands to serve his sentence.

Police arrested a Somali-born British man at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on suspicion of terrorism based on a tip from British intelligence. The suspect was traveling to Uganda when he was detained.

'Dry run' terror plot discovered on US-bound flight to Amsterdam

Somali pirates on trial in Holland

Amsterdam airport tightens security after sting

The Netherlands will begin withdrawing its troops starting in August after the government collapsed over extending their deployment. More than 1,600 Dutch troops are deployed in the southern province of Uruzgan, a Taliban stronghold. Twenty-one Dutch soldiers have been killed since the country deployed forces in 2006.

The government collapsed over a dispute whether to extend the mission in Afghanistan. The Labor party, which is in the ruling coalition government, has rejected a plan by the Christian Democratic Alliance party to keep a small force in Uruzgan province. The Netherlands has more than 1,600 in country and they are set to be withdrawn next year.

Dutch troops' method in Afghanistan gains new prominence