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Dozens killed in Taliban infighting in South Waziristan

Pakistani Taliban launch website, which is promptly taken down

Taliban launch suicide attacks in Kabul, Kunar, and Kunduz

Taliban suicide team kills 9 at Kabul hotel

Details emerge on Ahrar-ul-Hind's emir

Pakistani military to end airstrikes against Taliban

Taliban kill 20 Afghan soldiers, capture 8 in Kunar

Pakistani military launches more airstrikes in the northwest

Jihadists create 'no-go zones' in northern Afghanistan

Afghan High Peace Council spokesman says US 'martyred' bin Laden

Taliban establish training camps in southern Helmand

US military condemns Afghan government's release of 65 'dangerous individuals'

Taliban 'negotiator' Abdullah Aziz appears with armed guards

US stops adding al Qaeda leaders to 'kill list'

Taliban respond to terrorism designations of 3 Haqqani network leaders

Karzai courts the Taliban

Taliban attack Pakistani military in Rawalpindi, Bannu

Taliban say Kabul suicide assault was response to ISAF raid in Parwan

Taliban assassinate Karachi police chief

Taliban suicide bomber kills 3 ISAF soldiers in Kabul