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Pakistani Taliban, government in back-channel talks, sources say

Afghan Taliban reject US partnership deal

Taliban, Pakistan in peace talks: Taliban commander

New US Strategy On Afghanistan Hinges On Pakistan

Loya Jirga Backs Afghan-US Partnership

Leaving Afghanistan by 2014 is still far from agreed, insists the US ambassador

US General Defends Afghanistan Night Raids

Pakistani girls defy Taliban school bombings

Afghans to debate future of US presence, Taliban vow attacks

Survey reveals 3rd of Afghans say things are deteriorating

Taliban Support Declining Among Afghans: Poll

Afghans tentatively seek a voice after 30 years of conflict

Qatar Presses Decisive Shift in Arab Politics

Peace with the Taliban

Zabiullah Mujahid Captured by Afghan Forces, Officials Say

Pashtun Music Bazaars Still Being Targeted

Afghanistan success is in eye of beholder

US-Afghan Strategic Partnership a Binding Agreement: Allen

No Longer the 'Aggressive Camping Organization': Afghanistan Deployment Forges More Assertive Bundeswehr 

Life better since Taliban driven from Kabul, says Nato