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Pakistan PM Scotches Speculation of Taliban Offensive

Thousands flee North Waziristan fearing more air strikes

Pakistan - JUI-S opposes operation against Taliban

No 'unilateral' decision on Waziristan operation: Pakistan PM

Bhutto son urges Pakistan military action on Taliban

Malala book launch halted amid 'political and police pressure' in Pakistan

False claims in Afghan accusations on US raid add to doubts on Karzai

German Military Faces a Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

Kabul restaurant attack throws aid work into peril

Afghan Officials Suggest Pakistani Link to Massacre

The end of an era in Kabul: Taliban attack on cherished restaurant shatters illusion of oasis

Afghan Senate Repeats Calls for BSA Signing

Marine killed in Afghanistan is awarded Navy Cross

Recalling Past Threats, Afghans in Tranquil Valley Work to Keep It That Way

Afghan high peace council unaware of secret talks with Taliban

Taliban talks going nowhere despite secret meetings

Report: December helo crash that killed 6 in Afghanistan blamed on enemy

Taliban killings in Pakistani city may be part of pattern

Taliban Commander Released From Bagram A Year Ago

Iraq a bloody lesson for Zero Option in Afghanistan