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NATO Envoy Calls for Afghan-led Peace Talks

US 'agrees in principle' to swap Taliban fighters for Bowe Bergdahl

Pakistan's intelligence agencies 'should have parliamentary scrutiny'

Taliban Statement Highlights Challenge of Peace Effort

Pakistan - Mansoor Ijaz blamed Kayani over Osama bin Laden after Abbottabad raid

Taliban say Marine abuse tape won't hurt Afghanistan talks

Against Odds, Path Opens Up for US-Taliban Talks

Af-Pak Spats Spread to Singapore

US drone strike in Pakistan ends six-week pause; 4 dead

US says no deal yet for Taliban Qatar office

Afghan Police Undermine Fight Against Taliban

US aided Pakistan group which supported extremists

Afghanistan - Peace Talks Will Not Have Positive Result: Gen. Dostum

Talking to the Enemy: How German Diplomats Opened Channel to Taliban

Afghan peace council to send mission to Qatar

No info about Taliban leaders' release: US embassy

Afghanistan Not to Hand Over Any Provinces to Taliban

Pakistan - Security agencies want TTP to abandon Orakzai, Khyber

Afghanistan - Border police chief stands down

Lull in US Drone Strikes Aids Pakistan Militants