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Security changes for US troops in Afghanistan

Taliban trying to mount pressure on US: Afghan MPs

NATO Troops On Alert For Attacks By Afghan Counterparts

Pakistan parliament debate on US sputters to halt

Afghanistan 'Sandhurst in the sand' academy announced by Philip Hammond

Af-Pak tribal badlands nursery of world terror

Hundreds of Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes'

Pakistan - In post-insurgency Swat, women forced to wear the pants in the family

Pakistan - Afghan Taliban say US must rebuild trust for talks

Afghan Interior MInistry Concerned Over Foreign Support Extended To Insurgents

US negotiation efforts with Taliban have failed: Report

Pakistani Taliban forcing Nuristan residents from homes

Taliban warn Pakistan lawmakers over NATO supplies

Resurgence of Afghan Taliban not in Pakistan's interest: US general

Officials: Pakistani Taliban training Frenchmen

Karzai Urges Taliban To Stop Attacking Schools

Pakistan - Tackling militancy: Plans for grand peace militia run aground

ISI still aiding rebels: Gen. Allen

Women on Afghan peace council say they are sidelined

No leads on French shooter in Afghanistan, Pakistan