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Mystery surrounds move of Afghan 'torturer in chief' to US amid allegations of agency abuse

Lull Prompts Question: What Are Taliban Up To?

Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press

British and Australian navies seize largest ever heroin haul at sea

Afghan Taliban broker ceasefire between rival TTP factions

Pakistan, Ending Its Observance of Cease-Fire, Launches Airstrikes Against Taliban

Security Eroding in Northern Afghanistan after German Withdrawal

Pakistan - TTP say they will not extend ceasefire, but will continue talks

Blunders by British generals allowed Taliban to carry out attack on Camp Bastion while Prince Harry was in Afghanistan

Afghan villagers rise up against Taliban in Nangarhar province

Anxious China emerges as diplomatic player in Afghanistan

Pakistan - 108 kidnapped tribesmen released

Iran's one-stop shop for US Army gear

Pakistan Says Talks with Taliban in Comprehensive Phase

Pakistan: Taliban factions clash, killing dozens

Pakistani Taliban plot with seminaries to assault capital: police

Officials: Despite Afghan election success, insurgents remain active

In Taliban stronghold, a scared electorate

Afghans vote in landmark poll, undeterred by threats

Afghans largely left to monitor their own election