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Radio in FATA: A foreign voice for local problems

NATO forces rescue four aid workers in north Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai: America could have done better in Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Rebel sympathisers exist in Zabul civil depts: police

Pakistani Taliban vows to kill bin Laden doctor

System Tests Afghan Graduates' Resistance To Radicalism

Taliban Establishing North Afghanistan Bases to Fight Beyond 2014: Dostum

A Maze of Complication in the Afghan Poppy Fields

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Falling in 2012, UN Says

US Came to Lead the Region, Not Beat the Taliban: Hizb-e-Islami

Poor Security Blamed for Suspected Poisonings at Afghan Schools

Afghanistan - Scared Tagab students stay away from schools

May consider Taliban's reasonable conditions: Afghan VP Fahim /a>

NATO disputes report of casualties in airstrike

Taliban condemn Afghan-US strategic partnership

32 Britons could be killed in drone strikes, claims lawyer

Drug Traffic Remains as US Nears Afghanistan Exit

Afghanistan - Logar Governor Says Western Strength Cannot Prevent Insurgency

Afghanistan - 95 tonnes of heroin smuggled to Central Asia annually

Pakistan - Save Peshawar peace body disbanded