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Pakistan - Tribesmen mourn Landikotal blast

Taliban praise India for resisting Afghan entanglement

Afghanistan Aware of US-Taliban Talks

Russia Worried Over Afghanistan Becoming a Terrorist Haven

Pakistan militants ban polio jabs, threaten action

Worry Replaces Hope In Race To Restore Ancient Afghan City

US troops return to Afghanistan's lost province

Pakistan - Al Qaeda battleground

Taliban Encourage Afghan Kids to Suicide: NDS

TTP issue final warning for S Waziristan residents to evacuate agency

Afghans aim to defuse failed suicide bombers with Koran

As Afghan army grows, a unit highlights the challenges

Afghan arsonists seek to enforce truancy from school

Obama Increases Pakistan Drone Strikes as Relations Sour

Taliban close schools to mourn civilian deaths

War against terrorism; Pakistan to follow its own timeline: FO

US, Pakistan beginning to look more like enemies

Sar-e Pul Security Chiefs Sacked over Jail Break

Fight Isn't Over for Soldiers in Remote Afghanistan

China Shows Interest in Afghan Security, Fearing Taliban Would Help Separatists