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A Maze of Complication in the Afghan Poppy Fields

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Falling in 2012, UN Says

US Came to Lead the Region, Not Beat the Taliban: Hizb-e-Islami

Poor Security Blamed for Suspected Poisonings at Afghan Schools

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NATO disputes report of casualties in airstrike

Taliban condemn Afghan-US strategic partnership

32 Britons could be killed in drone strikes, claims lawyer

Drug Traffic Remains as US Nears Afghanistan Exit

Afghanistan - Logar Governor Says Western Strength Cannot Prevent Insurgency

Afghanistan - 95 tonnes of heroin smuggled to Central Asia annually

Pakistan - Save Peshawar peace body disbanded

Afghan Ministry of Education Urges School Attackers to Stop

Pakistan - Lal Masjid: rewarding an insurrection

Taliban tightens grip on Afghan schools

Taliban, Afghan neighbors could hamper NATO's exit

NATO endorses strategy to end Afghan war but risks remain

Afghans back Chicago deal, warn West to keep promises

Pakistan seeks US help to get over Salala, but per parliament's guidelines