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Taliban flex muscle in Karachi ahead of Pakistan vote

New militant magazine appeals for help against drones

Extremists Pursue Mainstream in Pakistan Election

Afghanistan - Paktika residents seek ALP deployment

Karzai urges Taliban to fight Afghan enemies after Pakistan clash

Taliban 'Slim-Fast diet' allows French hostage to escape

Afghanistan: UK's best armoured vehicle overcome by Taliban for first time

Police launch nighttime raids in Helmand

Solidarity of Pakistani Taliban with Afghan Taliban Raises Concerns

Syria's neighbors cautious about US-led intervention

Swat: The valley of the Wali

Public uprising against Pakistani and Afghan Taliban in Kunar

40 Percent of Insurgency In 10 Afghan Districts: ISAF

Taliban, taboos bar millions of women from voting

Taliban set conditions to release foreingers held in Logar

Afghan Powerful Figures Facilitate Release of Arrested Kidnappers

Taliban 'little commandos' in terror camp training video

Civilian casualties increased by 30 percent in Afghanistan: UN

Taliban's Promotional Activities Rise in Kandahar

Sharia court ruling: Taliban amputate thieves' limbs in Herat