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Afghan Forces, Taking Lead, Hold Steady in Violent District

Foreign insurgents preparing for major Nuristan attack

Taliban to carry more attacks on foreigners in Afghanistan

US General Dunford: 'Fight for Afghan rights not over'

Substantial plans: 'Pakistan Army to be withdrawn from Swat'

Afghanistan - District retaken from militants after 30 months

Four Months, And Kunar Still Under Taliban Siege

Afghan troops suffering heavy losses, US general says - Middle East

Window Closes For Pakistani Peace Talks With Taliban

Engineer-turned-militia leader takes on Taliban

Denied visas, Afghans who translated for French army fear for their lives

Taliban delegation visits Tehran to meet Iranian officials

Pakistan - Christian representatives seek 'mass asylum' in US, EU, Canada and Australia

After vowing transparency, US mum on drone killing

Foreign insurgents sneak into Logar

Interior Ministry Blames Networks Within Pakistan For Kabul Blasts

ISAF confirm death of senior Haqqani leaders in Paktiya

Taliban have got it

Too early to react to Nawaz's talks offer: Taliban

One Drone Victim's Trail From Raleigh to Pakistan