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Taliban Keep Up Campaign to Win Public Support

Taliban Shuts 40 Schools In Southern Zabul Province: Officials

Pakistan's next premier an Islamist comeback kid

Pakistan - Terror threats: Taliban plotting major attacks, cabinet told

Taliban flex muscle in Karachi ahead of Pakistan vote

New militant magazine appeals for help against drones

Extremists Pursue Mainstream in Pakistan Election

Afghanistan - Paktika residents seek ALP deployment

Karzai urges Taliban to fight Afghan enemies after Pakistan clash

Taliban 'Slim-Fast diet' allows French hostage to escape

Afghanistan: UK's best armoured vehicle overcome by Taliban for first time

Police launch nighttime raids in Helmand

Solidarity of Pakistani Taliban with Afghan Taliban Raises Concerns

Syria's neighbors cautious about US-led intervention

Swat: The valley of the Wali

Public uprising against Pakistani and Afghan Taliban in Kunar

40 Percent of Insurgency In 10 Afghan Districts: ISAF

Taliban, taboos bar millions of women from voting

Taliban set conditions to release foreingers held in Logar

Afghan Powerful Figures Facilitate Release of Arrested Kidnappers