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BSA a Necessity to Ensure Security in Afghanistan: Brig. Gen. Blackburn

Pakistan says 250 terrorists flee Karachi to Waziristan tribal region

Pakistani Cleric Claims Taliban Will Regain Power, Kabul Responds

Freedom of Mullah Baradar by Pakistan key for Afghan peace

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Afghan Forces Launch Joint Operation in Kunar

Pakistan to Send Baradar to Saudi or Turkey for Peace Talks

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Taliban's Spread Into Northeast Sparks Fears

Pakistan militants prepare for war in Afghanistan after foreign forces withdraw

Karzai Urges Afghan Parents To Send Daughters To School

Afghanistan security forces' readiness for NATO withdrawal still a hard sell

Afghanistan - War is not over but conditions set for winning: US General

Afghanistan - New Coalition Endorsed by Taliban Formed for Elections

Afghan security death toll 'unsustainable': NATO commander

Afghan police deaths double as foreign troops withdraw

Jihadist Teachings Drawn Back Into Classroom In Pakistani Province