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Afghan Taliban 'end' opposition to educating girls

Taseer assassin also guarded Zardari, Gilani

As opium prices soar and allies focus on Taliban, Afghan drug war stumbles

Afghanistan - Taliban 'abandons' opposition to girls' education

Afghan foreign minister says US-led force should stay beyond 2014

Pakistan 'epicentre' for global terrorism: Mike Mullen

Biden meets with Pakistani leaders, stressing long-term ties and extremist threat

Taliban attacks shatter relative calm in Kabul

Pakistan will move on North Waziristan without US help, ambassador says

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British men believed to be kidnapped in Pakistan

Is the tide turning in southern Afghanistan ?

US troops hope for winter breakthrough in Afghanistan

Biden says US will help Afghanistan after pullout

Pardoned Taliban lead conflict in Afghanistan

Plans for major Taliban attacks are foiled in Afghanistan, officials say

British troops move out of Helmand

US, Afghan forces displace Taliban in eastern Afghanistan

Tribe's deal with Afghan government offers chance of peace in southwest district