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Afghan rights groups shift focus to Taliban

Afghanistan - Petraeus anticipates bloody spring this year

Afghan, NATO forces brace for spring offensive

Afghans working with UK troops 'regularly smoke opium'

In Ghazni province, stacks of Taliban records and photographs

In eastern Afghanistan, at war with the Taliban's shadowy rule

Hundreds of Afghan fighters to lay down arms: NATO

US initiative to arm Afghan villagers carries some risks

Security threats decrease in northern Afghanistan

New British troops aim to beat Taliban on trust

In the Taliban's heartland, US and Afghan forces dig in

Powell on drone strikes in Pakistan

US said to reduce civilian deaths after increasing CIA Pakistan strikes

In a pluralistic part of India, fears of rising Islamic extremism

Many in Pakistan fear unrest at home

Militants use mosques to plot attacks - senior Afghan security official

US general sees success even if Pakistan doesn't act

2010 deadliest year for Afghan civilians: watchdog

Young Afghans need to be put to work - not to the sword

Taliban gun lockers: the rifles of rural Ghazni province