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Signs of strain as Taliban gird for more fighting

Karzai sacks official after women sing without headscarves

Karzai blasts US troops for gruesome Afghan deaths

Washington debates idea of arming Libyan rebels

Insurgents use Iraq war model missiles in Afghanistan

India and Pakistan to establish counter-terrorism hotline

Russia, US have cooperation potential in Afghanistan: diplomats

In Afghanistan, spring could prove test of anti-Taliban effort

40 Afghans kidnapped by insurgents

Taliban cut cellphone service in Helmand

Pakistan - Spring thaw means the return of terror operations

Thousands of Afghan Taliban laying down arms: US

Cold water from the Taliban

Reconciliation to be based on Afghan Constitution

Afghan president urges Taliban not to burn schools but to join peace talks

Pakistan's president vows, again, to fight extremism

Central Asia stands to gain as NATO shifts supply lines away from Pakistan

Fears for foreign aid after Afghan handover of control

Taliban assassination campaign impedes governance

Afghanistan's oppressed Hazaras dread Taliban return