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Taliban leaders aid hunt for al Qaeda, Afghans say

With bin Laden dead, some escalate push for new Afghan strategy

Murky identities and ties hinder NATO's hunt for Afghan insurgents, report says

Report finds Afghan forces weak to take security lead

Afghanistan - Advances made, but country stands at perilous crossroads

Don't abandon Afghanistan after 2014 handover, plead generals

Analysis: Pakistan squanders chance to bring military to heel

Afghan officials say insurgents stop assault on police in remote northeast province

ISI officers took bribes to release Taliban fighters, say Gitmo detainees

Military draws up Afghan exit plan

US commander in eastern Afghanistan predicts little short-term change

Afghanistan - NATO says insurgency weakened

Inside the Taliban's jailbreak tunnel

Egypt offered arm of al-Qaeda number two's brother as DNA evidence

Avenging bin Laden: Taliban unleash spring offensive in Afghanistan

Abbottabad: not a new home for terror

Even without bin Laden, Pakistan's Islamist militants strike fear

Boy suicide bomber recruits paraded by Afghan authorities

Taliban say attack aimed at controlling Kandahar

Source: Bin Laden directing al-Qaida figures