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Anti-Taliban protesters in Islamabad demand action against pro-militant cleric

Taliban mount assault on Kunar border district, Afghan officials say

US Seeks to Use Letters Found in Bin Laden Raid in Terrorism Trial

Day of insurgent violence kills 19 in Afghanistan

Finances of jihad: How extremist groups raise money

NATO airstrike leaves 17 suspected militants dead in Afghanistan's Parwan province

US General Has Misgivings as Afghanistan Mission Ends

US moves ahead with plan for extra troops in Afghanistan until allies finalize plans

Afghanistan's heavily guarded capital remains vulnerable

Official: Afghan President Orders Military Review

Afghan Women Are Excluded From Peace Overtures to Taliban, Report Says

Afghanistan Quietly Lifts Ban on Night Raids

In Kapisa province, an hour's drive outside Kabul, Taliban reign

In a Shift, Obama Extends US Role in Afghan Combat

Global terror attack deaths rose sharply in 2013, says report

Insurgents in Afghanistan's Laghman province may win by not losing

Well-known Afghan lawmaker and women's rights activist survives car attack

Long-troubled Afghan government undergoes overhaul

Pakistan backs Afghan move to bring in Taliban

In Shift, Pakistanis Fleeing War Flow Into Beleaguered Afghanistan