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The Corner Where Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan Meet

US sees potential for wider anti-Taliban uprising

Attacker of Pakistani schoolgirl was held, freed in 2009: sources

US adds IMU financier, Taliban IED experts to terror list

Qari Ayyub Bashir is the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's top financier; Maulawi Adam Khan Achekzai is a senior Taliban IED expert and leader; and Aamir Ali Chaudhry is an electronics and explosives expert for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan who was involved in the Times Square plot.

Pakistan opposition thwarts anti-terror move

Afghanistan - Taliban use women to take injured to hospital

Pakistanis divided on army offensive after attack

In Pakistan's Swat Valley, a girls' school is gripped by fear

Govt Indifference Pains Father of Ghazni Kids Shot by Taliban

Afghanistan's safest province falling prey to Taliban

Afghan girl 'beheaded for refusing prostitution'

Taliban threat worries Pakistan media

US pushes Afghans as security deteriorates

Pakistan - Intelligence agencies warn of suicide bombers

Pakistan - Operation in North Waziristan: PML-N fails govt move to get parliament's approval

Afghan Army's High Turnover Clouds US Exit Plan

'North Waziristan operation not on the cards'

Pakistani schoolgirl shot by Taliban sent to UK for treatment

Attack on Schoolgirl in Pakistan Sparks Fears of Resurgent Taliban

17 killed in bombing that targeted anti-Taliban militia in northwestern Pakistan