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Media houses in Peshawar relocate following Taliban threat: Report

Pakistan - Growing unrest: Jirga stands united against school attack

Malala attack: 'Uninformed' comments land Lord Ahmed in hot water

Taliban claim over 20 insider attacks in 8 months

A Taliban official responsible for insider, or green-on-blue, attacks in Afghanistan's southern and western provinces claims that Taliban infiltration is behind the great majority of attacks this year, and details the operations of the committee sponsoring them.

Another anti-Taliban leader assassinated in northwestern Pakistan

Hizb-e-Islami Will Participate in Election if Transparent, Adviser Says

German quits 'unhygienic, drug-using' Taliban

Anti-Taliban commander assassinated in Buner

Buner_Fateh_Khan.jpgThe Pakistani Taliban's spokesman claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed a local politican and Aman Lashkar commander, Fateh Kahn, and three of his bodyguards in Buner, Pakistan.

US Finds Graft by Favored Afghan Leader

Pakistani Taliban threaten to target MQM

Taliban may return to power after NATO leaves: Indian diplomat

Poppy cultivation risks Helmand's security: Officials

4 Afghan policemen killed in 'green-on-green' insider attack

Afghan minister says warlords are rearming militias as NATO forces leave

Women and children killed in Helmand explosions

Taliban Hits Region Seen as 'Safest' for Afghans

EU parliament slams Pakistan for 'grave' human rights abuses

Germany Eager to See Taliban Leader Rahman Behind Bars

Afghan Senators Urge Tougher Line Against Taliban

No Sign Pakistan is Combating Insurgency: Afghan Interior Minister