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Egypt at a Crossroads after Morsi Grants Himself Sweeping Powers

David Cameron set to decide on Afghanistan withdrawal timetable

The chequered tale of the Taliban 'boy commander'

Another IMU 'weapons facilitator' captured in northern Afghanistan

Reports of raids against al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan have decreased over the past two months, but "that does not indicate there were no missions executed, just that there was not a release issued," ISAF told LWJ.

Pakistan - Muharram security breach: Blast targets mourners in D I Khan; 10 killed

Notes from Afghanistan

Tragic violence against women on the rise in Afghanistan

Insurgents Losing the Afghan War: Katz

White House Presses for Drone Rule Book

Shias in Pakistan receive death threat text messages

Taliban, tribal leaders work together in North Waziristan

Hamid Karzai: Our Man in Kabul?

Afghanistan - Lawmakers, Scholars React to Taliban Call for End to Executions

Afghanistan - Brave Tarana Returns to Ashura Massacre Site

Pakistan - Country 'muted' to fight terror

Pakistani Taliban threaten to avenge Kasab's execution

Taliban claim attacks against Shia worshipers in Pakistan

US adds Pakistani hawala, 2 Taliban financiers to terrorism list

Rahat Ltd., a Pakistan-based hawala, its owner, and the owner of the Quetta branch, were added to the terrorism list for supporting the Taliban, including Mullah Barich, the shadow governor of Helmand province.

Mine detecting dogs to take on Afghanistan's enemy

Afghan National Army loses 830 soldiers in 7 months