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In Former Taliban Sanctuary, An Eerie Silence Takes Over

Afghan MOI Downplays Security Forces Joining Insurgents

Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 civilians in attack on ISAF convoy

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander targeted in Kunar raid

In 2012 there were 16 reported raids against al Qaeda operatives and affiliates in Kunar province. Yesterday's raid was the first such operation in the province this year.

New Threat Seen in Afghan Pullout

Pakistani forces set posts on Afghan soil

Pakistan - Four most wanted TTP men held

Afghanistan - Batikot insecurity lingers despite operation

British Fears for Pakistan Linked to Nuclear Weapons: Analyst

Taliban suicide assault team attacks police headquarters in Kabul

Three policemen and all five members of the suicide assault team were killed during an eight-hour-long firefight. The Taliban claimed credit for the attack.

Pakistan - Manzar Imam was an anti-Taliban crusader: Police

Pakistan - FC says militants demonising force to scare away local support

CIA drone strikes will get pass in counterterrorism 'playbook,' officials say

Karzai government accused of Taliban's return to power

Taliban stay away from Dubai peace talks

Helmand Residents Protest Against Insurgency

New Taliban leader in South Waziristan vows to continue mission of emir killed in drone strike

A pamphlet released by the Mullah Nazir group announced that it would continue to follow in the footsteps of its slain emir, and named the top leaders of the group. Nazir has supported al Qaeda and waged jihad in Afghanistan.

Pakistan - Tribesmen pile bodies outside Governor's House in protest

French anti-terror judge says 'no choice' but war in Mali /a>