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Frustrated Afghans wonder who is in charge amid cabinet delays and Taliban attacks

Taliban video highlights training camp, operations in Kunar

The Taliban have released videos of two training camps in northern Afghanistan over the past two weeks.

Kabul Residents Fear of Growing Armed Groups

Dostum says 20, 000 Special Force set to root out Taliban

Afghanistan, Pakistan work on 'joint terrorist list'

No More Excuse for Taliban to Continue War in Afghanistan: NDS

Bribery Frees a Drug Kingpin in Afghanistan, Where Cash Often Overrules Justice

Afghans take over full security charge, mortars kill 20 civilians

Pakistan executes Musharraf death-plot convict

As US-led combat mission ends, Afghan women fear oppression

US airstrikes remain crucial to Afghan forces in Taliban battles

Around an invisible leader, Taliban power shifts

Pakistan judge issues arrest warrant for Abdul Aziz

US targets emir of Punjabi Taliban in pair of drone strikes in North Waziristan

Asmatullah Muawiya is said to have been targeted in one of the two strikes that took place today in Shawal area of North Waziristan in Pakistan.

4 Gitmo detainees transferred to Afghanistan are veteran insurgents, files allege

On Dec. 20, the Defense Department announced the transfer of four Afghans to their home country. Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) deemed all four to be "high" risks to the US, its interests and allies. All four are veteran insurgents, according to JTF-GTMO.

ISAF Air Support Helpful in Dangam Operations: Afghan Ministry of Defense

Karzai aide: Taliban Supreme Leader Mullah Omar is in Karachi city of Pakistan

Afghan military official: 296 rebels killed in east this year

Official: Afghan forces kill 150 Taliban fighters in 12-day fight

Taliban Push Into Afghan Districts That US Had Secured