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Taliban Issue Warning, Tell Afghans Not to Vote

In Its Own War on Terror, Pakistan Piles Up Heavy Losses

US, Afghan military try to get out the vote, prevent Taliban disruption of key election

Details emerge on Ahrar-ul-Hind's emir

Pakistan's prime minister has breakfast with Taliban negotiators

Poppies sown on large swathes of Helmand land

In former Taliban fiefdom, Pakistan's first female council tackles abuses

Ahrar-ul-Hind suicide assault team attacks courthouse in Islamabad

The jihadist splinter group has vowed to continue attacks in Pakistan regardless of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's negotiations with the government.

Pakistani military to end airstrikes against Taliban

Pakistani army fuels anger in securing Swat from Taliban

Pakistani Taliban announce ceasefire with government

The announcement took place the same day that 11 tribal policemen and civilians were killed in attack that targeted a polio vaccination team in Pakistan's northwest.

Officials: Al Qaeda plots comeback in Afghanistan

UK leaves its Helmand project - like its roads, clinics and bridges - unfinished

US general: Grim Afghan future if no security pact

Senior Taliban commander gunned down in North Waziristan

Asmatullah Shaheen Bhittani, a senior leader who was appointed interim emir for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan after Hakeemullah's death, has been gunned down in the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Taliban Say Talks Over US Soldier's Release Suspended

Taliban kill 20 Afghan soldiers, capture 8 in Kunar

Pakistani military launches more airstrikes in the northwest

Taliban condemn violence in Central African Republic

Afghan Taliban denounces former senior official, denies involvement in peace talks

The Taliban again denied that Agha Jan Mutasim represents the group, and said his actions are "detrimental" to both the Taliban and "the goals of the sacred Jihad."