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Life along the Afghan ring road

Taliban magazine urges jihad - and profiles the Honda 125

Pakistani CIA informant: 'Drone attacks are the right thing to do'

Highway 1 shows the difficulties ahead in Afghanistan

Pakistani CIA Informant: 'Drone Attacks Are the Right Thing to Do'

Mullah Fazlullah is in Pakistan, spokesman claims

Attacks on Aid Workers Rise in Afghanistan, UN Says

Why did Pakistan forget Malala?

NATO troops forced to risk dilapidated tunnel to get out of Afghanistan

Afghans Assail Karzai's Disparate Views on Killings

Pakistan promises to help Afghans meet former Taliban chief

US drones strike in Pakistan, kill 3 'militants'

An unnamed Punjabi jihadist is reported to have been killed in a strike in the Miramshah area, which is administered by the Haqqani Network.

Safety of Aid Workers Is a Concern After Afghan Attacks

Pakistan Taliban condemns media's celebration of Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar

'Lawrence of Helmand' marine awarded Afghan gallantry medal

Taliban condemn Loya Jirga's endorsement of Afghan-US security deal

Taliban-Linked Provincial Candidates Worry Ghazni Officials

Muzhda Confirms Talks With Taliban

Analysis: Targeted killing of Haqqani leaders a successful tactic that falls short of an effective strategy

The recent deaths of top Haqqani Network leaders Nasiruddin Haqqani and Ahmad Jan will hurt the organization, but without a comprehensive strategy to fight jihadist groups beyond the tactic of targeted killings, will not lead to its collapse.

Afghan political analyst with Taliban links has reportedly escaped