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Pakistan - Malik says 27 terrorist groups involved in Benazir's murder

Karzai offers Taliban direct dialogue

Afghanistan to Spy on Own Troops

Turkish jihadists eulogize commander killed in Waziristan

Emir-Yunis.jpgSinan Tekin, a Turkish national who was known as Emir Yunis, led a group of foreign fighters along the Afghan-Pakistani border.

Afghan Police Catch Terrorists Taking Children to Pakistan

Afghanistan - Military prosecutor accused of moral corruption, links to Taliban

Pakistan Taliban gaining more resources from kidnapping

Pakistani Taliban Turn to Kidnapping to Finance Operations

Afghan talks will fail without all groups: Hizb-e-Islami

Afghan peace: Taliban willing to talk are killed or arrested, says Karzai

Posing as Afghan senator, man disappears with sensitive information

Saudi sets terms for Kabul-Taliban mediation

Imposters Arise in Afghanistan's Struggle With Taliban

Stumbling Afghan peace talks need re-think: advisor

Talks With Taliban Without Afghan Input Would Fail, Former Spy Chief Says

NATO mistakes strengthen Taliban: Karzai

Pakistan - Parachinar bombing exposes TTI-TTP peace accord

Aghan army resorts to tough measures to combat Taliban infiltration

Hamid Karzai confronts Pakistan leadership

Pakistan: Security forces open fire on crowd protesting suicide bomb in Parachinar