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NATO mistakes strengthen Taliban: Karzai

Pakistan - Parachinar bombing exposes TTI-TTP peace accord

Aghan army resorts to tough measures to combat Taliban infiltration

Hamid Karzai confronts Pakistan leadership

Pakistan: Security forces open fire on crowd protesting suicide bomb in Parachinar

'Good Taliban' leader Fazal Saeed Haqqani kills 39 civilians in Kurram suicide attack

Military Pressure Must Back Afghan Peace Talks-NATO

Can the Afghan army take the lead in battle?

Afghanistan's Karzai in Pakistan for talks on Taliban

Afghan Taliban denies having talks with government

US Predators kill 19 'militants' in 2 North Waziristan strikes

predator-uav.jpgSeven terrorists are reported to have been killed in a village near Miramshah, and 12 more, including Uzbeks, were killed near Mir Ali.

Kayani's overture to Pentagon

Afghan Minister Defends TV Head-Scarves Request

Taliban says the US to repeat Soviet defeat in Afghanistan

Taliban expand list of demands, refuse to denounce 'international terrorism'

US defence secy Leon Panetta voices caution on Taliban prisoner deal

Taliban flex muscles in Miramshah

Taliban will not talk peace with Karzai government, spokesman says

US to Keep Troops in Afghanistan: Officials

Two Officers Counter Bleak Assessment of Afghan War