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ISIS' 'Diyala Division' lauds foreign suicide bombers, including Dane

The Diyala Division praised 26 suicide bombers, including foreign fighters from Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tajikistan, Chechnya, and Denmark.

Turkmenistan: The Achilles Heel Of Central Asian Security

US seeks new bases for drones targeting Al Qaeda in Pakistan

Tajik leader extending long rule in volatile region

Authorities arrested 10 Tajik nationals in the capital city of Dushanbe who were allegedly planning a series of attacks, including a hostage siege, on government facilities in four Dushanbe districts. Among those arrested is the group's leader, Alamurod Makhanov, who had trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan. The alleged ringleader of the group, which is said to have trained in Waziristan, is also linked to a 2010 bomb attack on a Dushanbe nightclub.

Police discovered two underground madrassas near Dushanbe after investigating the kidnapping of a boy last week. Russian media reports alleged that some of the children at the schools had been kidnapped, but Tajikistan's Interior Minister said the children were studying at the unregistered Islamic schools with their parents' consent.

Poppy Cultivation Rises in Badakhshan

Ghazni to be formally introduced as Islamic civilisation capital

Afghans Failing Security Test In Badakhshan

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

Afghan Security Council Orders Armed Forces Consolidation

Iran boosts electricity export in western Afghanistan

Authorities arrested six suspected members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan from a village in the south near the Afghan border. In the northern province of Sugd, four residents were arrested for concealing information on IMU militants. Security forces killed one alleged IMU member and arrested nine others in Sughd on Jan. 18.

Central Asians Stand By 'Un-Islamic' New Year's Traditions

Failure Threatens German Afghan Police Training Mission

Afghan-Tajik Counter Narcotics Op Detain 13 Smugglers

Tajik Students Warned Off "Foreign" Events

Afghan entrepreneur defies war to squeeze out a juice empire

The government signed an agreement with Russia allowing Russia to maintain a military presence in Tajikistan until 2042. In exchange, Russia will assist with the modernization of Tajikistan's military forces. Russia currently has about 7,000 troops on Tajik soil.