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Belgian authorities launch counterterrorism raids, killing 2

Islamic State uses a child to execute alleged Russian spies

Al Nusrah Front attacks Hezbollah position on Lebanese border

Islamic State uses US-made anti-tank missile near Damascus

Al Nusrah Front uses American-made anti-tank missile in Idlib

Islamic State advances on Deir al Zour airport

Al Nusrah Front claims use of UN vehicle in suicide bombing

Ansar al Islam coordinating with the Al Nusrah Front, Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar in Aleppo

Harakat Sham al Islam operates training camp in northwest Syria

US airstrike hits al Qaeda's local network in Syria

Turkistan Islamic Party members photographed in Syria

Al Nusrah Front showcases military parade in Idlib

French defector David Drugeon, Ahrar al Sham allegedly targeted in Idlib strikes

Islamic State propaganda video details battle of Kobane

Al Nusrah Front, Jund al Aqsa fighters photographed in Syrian Revolutionaries Front stronghold in Idlib

Islamic State captures large swaths of Shaer gas field in Homs

US supply drop to Kurds in the hands of the Islamic State

Al Nusrah Front releases video of training camp in Idlib

Iranian Basij general killed in Aleppo

Islamic State fighting inside Kobane