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Al Qaeda official in Syria tweets in solidarity with Islamic State

On the CIA estimate of number of fighters in the Islamic State

'Moderate' Syrian Revolutionaries Front continues to support al Qaeda

New leader of Ahrar al Sham previously led Free Syrian Army unit

The Islamic State's global reach

UN reticent about 'armed group' holding 43 Golan Heights peacekeepers

Islamic State goes from 'junior varsity' to all pro in 8 months, Admiral Kirby says

General Dempsey: 'It is possible to contain' the Islamic State

US launches 6 more airstrikes against Islamic State

Al Nusrah Front-linked Kuwaiti terrorists resurface and retweet

US adds Nusrah, Islamic State financiers to list of global terrorists

Islamic State releases photos of camp in Aleppo

Islamic State stones women to death in Raqqah

UN grants aid convoys access to rebel-held areas in Syria

Australian cleric who claimed to join Islamic State captured in Philippines

Islamic State's 'caliph' speaks at Mosul mosque

ISIS announces formation of Caliphate, rebrands as 'Islamic State'

Desperately seeking moderate Syrian rebels

ISIS advances on oil fields in Salahaddin, Diyala

ISIS takes control of border crossings in southwestern Iraq