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ISIS reportedly kills Al Nusrah Front's commander for Idlib province

Social Media Jihad: Still tweeting Ayman al Zawahiri

Jihadist media unit confirms death of Israeli Arab in Syria

Al Nusrah Front fighter reportedly arrested for planning attacks in Egypt

Arming the 'moderate' rebels in the Syrian south

Social Media Jihad: Tweeting a message to Zawahiri

Social Media Jihad: Banner dedicated to Zawahiri's main representative in Syria

Chechen ISIS leader slams Al Nusrah Front for killing Moroccan commander

Tajik, Kazakh, and Russian fighters killed in Syria

Chief of Syrian Revolutionaries Front says al Qaeda is 'not our problem'

12 Azeri jihadists reported killed in Syria

Turkish military fires into Syria in response to stray Syrian rocket

Social Media Jihad: (Updated) No interview with Ayman al Zawahiri on Syrian conflict

Another al Qaeda bigwig killed in Syria?

Saudi jihadi recounts his time with ISIS

LWJ's prior warnings about 9/11 recruiter's release

Egypt says suspect in Cairo attack fought in Syria and Libya

Chechen ISIS commander musters forces at Syrian base

Social Media Jihad: Honoring al Qaeda's chief representative in Syria

Whatever happened to the Western supplies stolen in Syria?