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US general sees bigger role 'advising and assisting' Iraqi forces

20,000 Kurds protest against ISIS in Germany

Kurds urge more air strikes in Kobane; monitor warns of defeat

EU calls for global push against ISIS in Kobane

Thousands 'will most likely be massacred' if Kobane falls to jihadists, UN warns

US-Led Coalition Ramps Up Strikes on Kobane

Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

Has the US turned off the Islamic State's oil spigot?

Ground operation in Syria 'not realistic', says Turkey

Special Report: How Syria policy stalled under the 'analyst in chief'

Syria declares new chemical weapons facilities

YPG: The Kurdish Militia Battling IS Jihadists for Syria Town

Obama to commanders: US will keep making progress in Iraq, Syria

US flip-flops on buffer zone as ISIS advances

Turkish military unhappy with parliament's lack of guidance

Street fighting rages in Syrian town as Islamic State moves in

Pentagon yet to decide on Syrian rebel force central to offensive against Islamic State

Secretly filming in the Islamic State-held city of Raqqah

Kobane: Islamic State 'may soon take Syria-Turkey border town'

Arab Leaders Attack Islamic State With Intel