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Islamists in Philippines threaten to kill German hostages

France blames Turkey for 'jihadi' arrest fiasco

'3,000 European jihadis' now in Syria, Iraq

Obama, After Airstrikes in Syria, Says US Will 'Take the Fight' to ISIS

US told Iran of intent to strike Islamic State in Syria

US airstrikes begin in Syria, Pentagon says

Fears in Lebanon rise over Western plans to defeat IS

US, France propose UN sanctions on 15 foreign Islamist fighters

Turkey clamps down on Syria border after Kurdish unrest

Islamic State urges attacks on US, French citizens, taunts Obama

Report: Qatar arming Islamist extremists

US military struggles to preserve options in Islamic State fight

Islamic State closes in on Syrian town, refugees flood into Turkey

US political promises against ground troops clash with military realities

Islamic State ihadists, looters threaten ancient sites in Iraq, Syria

In US, Growing Skepticism over 'No Boots on Ground' War Plan

How Islamic State uses Syria's oil to fuel its advances

About 60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey from Islamic State advance

Interview with Ahmad Chalabi on Islamic State, Iraq and Syria

Turkey opens border to Syrian Kurds fleeing IS