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US military to teach Syrian opposition forces defense only

Islamic State militants allegedly used chlorine gas against Iraqi security forces

ISIS militants now world's richest: experts

Canada attackers were recent converts to Islam

Attempted kidnapping in Turkey shows reach of the Islamic State

Syria Kurds weather ISIS attack, await backup

Islamic State imposes new rules on education in Syria, Iraq

Syria tribal revolt against Islamic State ignored, fueling resentment

Turkey Says It Will Aid Kurdish Forces in Fight for Kobane

Turkey opposes transfer of US arms to Kurds fighting Islamic State

Islamic State attracts Kurds from Germany to join jihad

Fiercest fighting in days hits Syrian border town

US still searching for credible allies in Syria

Military chiefs: Islamic State has 'tactical momentum'

Gruesome photos may show ISIS using chemical weapons on Kurds, report says

US-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey

Turkish jets bomb Kurdish PKK rebels near Iraq

How an American suicide bomber's travels went unmonitored

Turkish sources deny giving Washington the use of bases to fight Islamic State

Turkey opens its bases for US and coalition forces in fight against ISIS