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Islamic State uses British hostage in propaganda video to rebut Western, Kurdish claims

The Islamic State has released a propaganda video featuring John Cantlie, a British photojournalist who is being held hostage by the group. Cantlie is made to rebut Western claims about the efficacy of airstrikes in Kobane, a town that sits on the border of Syria and Turkey.

Pro-al Qaeda Saudi ideologue criticizes jihadist leaders in Syria, calls for unity

A popular pro-al Qaeda jihadist ideologue who relocated from Saudi Arabia to Syria last year has criticized the Islamic State's rivals on his Twitter feed. Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini says that the failures of various jihadist leaders have driven the youth into the Islamic State's arms.

The death toll in Kobane has surpassed 800 after 40 days of fighting; the tally includes 481 Islamic State fighters, 302 Kurdish YPG, and 21 civilians. The US carried out five airstrikes near Kobane over the weekend, as Kurdish forces repelled four consecutive days of jihadist assaults on the Turkish border crossing near the town. Syrian regime airstrikes in the town of Talbisseh in central Homs over the weekend killed 31, including 13 children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Al Nusrah Front attacked government forces and militias in the regime-held city of Idlib in northern Syria today.

Lebanon army steps up Tripoli battle against militants

Analysis: Islamic State exploits tribal fault lines to control its territory

ISIS Hostages Endured Torture and Dashed Hopes, Freed Cellmates Say

Islamic State Attracts Kurds from Germany to Join Jihad

Kurds fear ISIS use of chemical weapon in Kobane

Islamic State sets sights on sea in Lebanon

King's College in London estimates that one British jihadi is killed in Syria or Iraq every three weeks. US officials stated that the town of Kobane is less likely to fall to the Islamic State and the "battle line has kind of stabilized" since Kurdish forces received US air support. Smugglers are selling passage into Syria from Turkey for as little as $20. The Syrian Army under Bashar al Assad claimed to have retaken the city of Morek in western Syria today.

Islamic State keeps up Syrian oil flow despite U.S-led strikes

Who are the British jihadis who have died in Iraq and Syria?

One British jihadi killed in Syria and Iraq every three weeks, study finds

Jihadist training camps proliferate in Iraq and Syria

More than 30 training camps have been established by the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and allied jihadist groups in both Iraq and Syria since 2012.

US military to teach Syrian opposition forces defense only

Islamic State militants allegedly used chlorine gas against Iraqi security forces

ISIS militants now world's richest: experts

Canada attackers were recent converts to Islam

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that 553 people have been killed in airstrikes since the start of the US campaign on Sept. 23. The total includes 464 Islamic State fighters, 57 members of the Al Nusrah Front, and 32 civilians. Turkey's president revealed that a deal has been struck for 200 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to join the battle against the Islamic State in Kobane. Syrian Kurds have signed a power-sharing agreement to boost outside support for their campaign against jihadists. The Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad claimed to have shot down two jets piloted by members of the Islamic State. US General John Allen has implied that the UK may soon join the air war over Syria.

Attempted kidnapping in Turkey shows reach of the Islamic State