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Islamic State cell strikes Shiites in Saudi Arabia

Syria says US-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State

Opposition fighters to form joint military command in Aleppo: rebel commander

Pope urges solidarity to stop aggressors in Syria and Iraq

Long-awaited Bekaa Valley security plan implemented

US Adds Planes to Bolster Drive to Wipe Out ISIS

Jihadists tout training camps for children in Iraq and Syria

The Islamic State, the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and Junud al Sham have been showcasing camps in Iraq and Syria that are used to indoctrinate and train children to wage jihad.

ISIS gaining a toehold in Libya, experts say

How a French truck driver became a target of the US air war in Syria

Qatar runs covert desert training camp for Syrian rebels

The UN is pushing for a humanitarian ceasefire in Syria for the delivery of aid. Regime airstrikes on the Islamic State's de facto capital of Raqqah killed at least 90 people and injured approximately 125 more. The Islamic State stoned to death two men accused of being gay in Deir Ezzor; the group also beheaded an Ismaili man for "apostasy." Western-backed rebels in Syria's south are reorganizing; training by Western forces is not slated to begin until next spring.

No letup in flight of Iraqi Christians into Lebanon

Syrian link suspected in Chechen murder in Ankara

Turkey, US ease strains on Islamic State but differences remain

Nations Ponder How to Handle European Fighters Returning From Jihad

More jihadist training camps identified in Iraq and Syria

Four new training camps in Iraq and Syria, three of them operated by the Islamic State, have been identified, including one used by a so-called jihadist "special forces" unit. The Long War Journal has identified 46 jihadist training camps in Iraq and Syria.

Combatting ISIS requires ground forces: Saudi Prince Miteb

Tunisians Are Shaken as Young Women Turn to Extremism

The US conducted another airstrike on the Al Nusrah Front, targeting a storage facility close to the town of Harem. A second French jihadist who took part in the Islamic State's latest execution was identified; according to the French prime minister, about 1,000 French nationals are fighting in Syria and "close to 50" have been killed. The US is tracking 150 people who have traveled from the US to Syria, many of them with the intent to fight. Turkey is pressuring the US-led coalition to support and train the FSA and to enact a no-fly zone in northern Syria. SOHR claims that a regime airstrike in Raqqa killed nine civilians and wounded 16.

US airstrike hits al Qaeda's local network in Syria