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Lebanese Army in control after militants flee Arsal

Syria Chemicals near Three-Quarters Destroyed

Patriarchs decry Christian exodus, demand UN act

The Islamic State killed over 40 people in three suicide bombings at one of the regime's last remaining bases in Raqqah; clashed with tribal gunmen in Deir Izzour, where it also executed 18 employees of the sharia council who had been guarding oilfields for the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and rebels; and clashed with the Islamic Front, regime forces, and Kurdish YPG forces in separate battles in Aleppo. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front fought regime forces in Damascus; in Reef Dimashq near Mleha, Ghouta, and the wasteland of Arsal; and in Deraa near Ankhel and Deraa city. The Islamic State also clashed with regime forces in Hama, Idlib, Latakia, and Quneitra. The Al Shwet tribe in Deir Izzour pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

Islamic Militants in Iraq Are Widely Loathed, Yet Action to Curb Them Is Elusive

Iraq's largest Christian town falls to Islamic State

Qaraqosh, as well as Tal Kayf, Bartella, and Karamlesh, fell to the Islamic State after Kurdish Peshmerga abandoned the towns without a fight.

US adds Nusrah, Islamic State financiers to list of global terrorists

Islamic State overruns Syrian artillery regiment in Hasakah

The jihadist group seized a large amount of military hardware and munitions after overrunning Regiment 121. Fighters loyal to Chechen commander Omar al Shishani were spotted at the fighting.

Islamic State leader who defected from al Qaeda reported killed in Mosul

Abdul Rahman al Amjad al Pakistani is thought to be Abdullah al Punjabi, one of nine mid-level al Qaeda commanders to openly defect from the global jihadist group and join the Islamic State.

Islamic State jihadists behead Sunni tribesmen in Syria: monitor

Larijani adviser: Syria relies on 'excessive force'

New Border Fighting Between ISIS and Lebanon's Army

The Islamic State killed seven members of an Ismaili family in Salamiya; and stormed the town of Srehin in Hama, shooting an official and kidnapping two other people. The Islamic State clashed with regime forces in Raqqah; battled Kurdish YPG forces in Ayn al Arab in Aleppo; and killed at least 15 people in Deir Izzour. Regime airstrikes targeted the IS in Raqqah and Deir Izzour. The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front clashed with regime forces in Quneitra; in Aleppo; in Hama; and in Reef Dimashq near al Mhleha, where Al Nusrah carried out a suicide car bombing, and in the wasteland of Arsal. The Islamic Front also launched mortar attacks in Damascus, and in the Shiite town of Nobbol in Aleppo.

Special Report : The doubt at the heart of Iraq's Sunni 'revolution'

Islamic State takes control of Sinjar, Mosul Dam in northern Iraq

Kurdish forces are reported to have fled Sinjar and the Mosul Dam after minimal fighting. The town of Zumar was abandoned after heavy clashes.

The Islamic State battled regime forces in Aleppo; Hama; Hasakah; Raqqah; Deir Izzour, where the IS also clashed with tribal gunmen and the Islamic Front; and in Reef Dimashq, where the IS fought along with the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front in Qalamoun. The Islamic State told media activists on Aug. 1 in Deir Izzour they had to swear allegiance to the IS and submit all reports to IS. The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front battled regime forces in Aleppo; Damascus; Reef Dimashq; and Hama. Al Nusrah clashed with the Al Haramen brigade in Deraa. Al Nusrah's emir for Idlib was killed in a car bombing. The Army of Islam and Suqour Al Sham Brigades issued a statement "complementing the declaration of the Islamic Front 8 months ago [and] ... "declar[ing] the full integration of all units, battalions, bureaus, media and political activities under the name of 'The Islamic Front' in order to abolish factionalism," to be commanded by Muhammad Zahran Alloush.

UK extremists linked to Qatar World Cup bid

ISIS woos Ansar al Sharia in Libya

Syria jihadists go global

Tribesmen force Islamic State militants out of Syrian villages