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An exclusive look at life in Syrian town of Kobane

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Al Nusrah Front kills captive Lebanese soldier

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White House Seeks to Clarify Syria Policy

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Egypt ready to assist Lebanon against jihadists

Islamic State cedes little ground despite air attacks

The Islamic State attacked the sole remaining government air base in Deir el-Zour province; at least 19 regime troops and seven IS fighters have been killed thus far. The US accused the regime of continuing to use chemical weapons as recently as September. Syrian President Bashar al Assad declared US airstrikes against the Islamic State ineffective. Turkey and the US are moving toward an agreement that would establish a no-fly zone in northern Syria. The US has conducted 14 airstrikes in Syria since Dec. 1, all of them near Kobane.

Lebanese army ready to confront militants

IS leader's 'captured wife' may not be who she says she is

Lebanon says detained woman was Baghdadi wife for three months

Ansar al Islam coordinating with the Al Nusrah Front, Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar in Aleppo

A French Town Reels After Teenage Girl Vanishes, Apparently to Join Jihadists

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Lebanon detains wife of Islamic State leader

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