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Kurdish Sinjar offensive too late for some Yazidis

Islamic State executed nearly 2,000 people in six months: monitor

Jihadists continue to advertise training camps in Iraq and Syria

New camps belonging to the Islamic State, the Al Nusrah Front, the Chechen Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar, the Syrian Harakat Fajr al Sham al Islamiya, the Uzbek group Imam Bukhari Jamaat, and Jaish al Islam have been identified.

The Child Soldiers Who Escaped Islamic State

Girls tried to commit suicide: Former ISIS captive

Islamic State tests Jordan defenses with clashes along borders with Iraq, Syria

The Cost of the US Ban on Paying for Hostages

Iraq seeks Turkish support in fight against ISIS

The Islamic State is failing at being a state

Report: At least 60 journalists killed in 2014

How a Syrian Boy, 14 and Sheathed in Explosives, Escaped ISIS' Hold

Senior Kurdish rebel leader warns Iraq must stay united to defeat 'savage' ISIS

Islamic State shoots down Jordanian warplane in Raqqah, captures pilot

The Jordanian Armed Forces confirmed that one of its aircraft has been shot down over Syria and its pilot is in the hands of the Islamic State.

A Jordanian pilot was captured by the Islamic State after his plane went down in northeastern Syria. The US-led coalition conducted seven airstrikes in Syria on Dec. 23. "At least 1,171 people have been killed" by the airstrikes since the start of the campaign, according to SOHR; this tally incudes 1,046 members of the Islamic State, 72 members of Al Nusrah, one prisoner held by the jihadists, and 52 civilians. Satellite imagery shows that 290 cultural heritage sites have been damaged during the course of the war.

Defected Syrian Soldier Held on Suspicion of Plotting Terror Acts

Rare Islamic State visit reveals 'brutal and strong' force

Over 1,000 Islamist militants killed in US strikes in Syria: monitor

US to accept thousands of Syrian refugees for resettlement

WHO says Syria opens Aleppo, other troubled areas for medical aid

Syrian authorities halt ferries to Turkey