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Delays in Effort to Refocus CIA From Drone War

The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front clashed with regime forces in Aleppo and in Latakia, where regime forces lost control of the town of Babolin, and two Moroccan field commanders of the Ahrar al Sham were killed in battle in Kasab. Turkey fired into Latakia in response to shelling that hit Hatay. The Islamic Front battled regime forces in Idlib, Homs, Quneitra, Reef Dimashq, and in Hama. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with regime forces in Hama, battled regime forces as well as Al Nusrah in Hasakah, and fought against the Islamic Front in Raqqah. A few hundred members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party are said to be fighting alongside regime and NDF forces, mainly in Christian-majority areas.

One Syrian refugee killed in clashes with Jordanian security

A journey through Syria's Daraa

Syria's moderate rebels still losing ground to extremists

Turkey admits Reyhanli was attacked by al Qaeda

Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri eulogized Abu Khalid al Suri, his representative to Syria, and warned against jihadist infighting. The US is planning to increase training and shipments of small arms to "moderate" rebels based mainly in Jordan. An opposition source said over 1,000 jihadists, many of them non-Syrian, were recently airlifted from Jordan to Turkey, from which they entered Syria to fight in Latakia. Regime forces continued to battle the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, the Sham al Islam, and the Junoud al Sham in Latakia; 35 regime soldiers and 64 Islamist fighters were killed there yesterday, including the military commander of Sham al Islam, an Egyptian named Abu Safiya al-Masri. Sham al Islam's leader, ex-Gitmo detainee Ibrahim Bin Shakaran, was also killed in Latakia. The Islamic Front fought against regime forces in Aleppo, Deraa, Hama, Reef Dimashq, and in Deir Izzour. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham continued to clash with Kurdish YPG forces in Hasakah. The "Jobar Revo" opposition group claimed that the regime had used poison gas yesterday in an attack in Jobar.

Zawahiri eulogizes al Qaeda's slain Syrian representative

Ayman al Zawahiri has released an audio message eulogizing Abu Khalid al Suri, who was killed on Feb. 23. Zawahiri confirms that he knew al Suri since before the 9/11 attacks and that they had been in direct communication after the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Tajik, Kazakh, and Russian fighters killed in Syria

Former Guantanamo detainee killed while leading jihadist group in Syria

Ibrahim Bin Shakaran, a Moroccan who spent more than three years at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility before being freed, has been killed while leading Sham al Islam in Latakia. Bin Shakaran had run a recruiting network for Abu Musab al Zarqawi after being released by the US.

Armenia Concerned Over Fate Of Families In Syria's Kesab

Former Guantanamo detainee Ibrahim Bin Shakaran, a.k.a. Brahim Benchakroun or Abu Ahmad al Maghribi, was reportedly killed in Latakia while leading his Sham al Islam group. Fierce fighting continued near a strategic hilltop in Latakia between regime forces and rebels, including the Al Nusrah Front, Ansar al Sham, Sham al Islam, Junoud al Sham, the Islamic Front, and Moroccan fighters from the Shab al Islam. The head of the UN chemical weapons mission said the regime must move quickly to meet the April 27 deadline for removing its chemical weapons from the country; shipments were stopped on March 20 due to worsening security in Latakia. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham battled Kurdish YPG forces in Hasakah, conducted raids in Raqqah, and clashed with both regime forces and Kurdish fighters in Aleppo. State media said regime forces discovered a 200-meter tunnel leading toward the al-Majd suburb in Damascus.

Chief of Syrian Revolutionaries Front says al Qaeda is 'not our problem'

The Free Syrian Armies: Institutional Split

In a letter to the UN, Syria has accused "terrorist groups" of planning a gas attack in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Jobar that would be blamed on the regime. The head of the 'moderate' Syrian Revolutionaries Front, a Free Syrian Army offshoot, said the group fights alongside the Al Nusrah Front and has no quarrel with it. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front fought against regime forces in Hama, in Latakia, and in Reef Dimashq. Al Nusrah clashed with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham in Hasakah. Islamic fighters shelled a funeral procession for an NDF fighter in Sweida province, killing two civilians and injuring five more.

'I am not fighting against al Qaeda... it's not our problem', says West's last hope in Syria

12 Azeri jihadists reported killed in Syria

Muhajireen Army releases video of Syrian training camp

The video includes footage of the building and detonation of a small homemade bomb, as well as exercises in small fire team tactics and an obstacle course.

The president of the Syrian National Coalition visited rebel troops in Latakia, where the Al Nusrah Front, Islamic fighters, and Free Syrian Army forces are battling regime troops. Al Nusrah claimed a joint offensive in Latakia with Ahrar al Sham, Ansar al-Sham, and Sham al-Islam; one of the commanders, Abu al Hassan, was said to be from core al Qaeda in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. Activists and rebels disputed the regime's claim that it captured a key hilltop in Latakia. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with regime forces in Raqqah; and battled eastern front fighters, Ahfad Al-Mursalin brigade, Jabhat Al Akrad, and rebels in Aleppo. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front fought against regime forces in Hama. An activist observer group said the Syrian conflict has claimed over 150,000 lives.

Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to Syrian battle for end of time