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Abdelqader Saleh, head of the Islamist al-Tawhid Brigades, died in a Turkish hospital after being wounded in Aleppo on Nov. 14. A rebel bombing at a military base near Harasta in Reef Dimashq killed three generals, a brigadier general, and 27 soldiers. Ten fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and 18 regime soldiers were killed in clashes in Tal'aran in Aleppo. A fighter jet was shot down in Aleppo, and ISIS blew up a bridge near Tal Hasel. The sharia court in Reef Aleppo publicly whipped several detainees. ISIS detained a rebel fighter in Raqqah. Turkish border guards reportedly shot and killed three civilian Syrian Kurds near the border in Hasakah; Turkish reports said the three were smugglers. Rebels wearing regime uniforms at a fake checkpoint in Hama ambushed and killed at least six regime soldiers and took others captive.

West Faces Challenge in Moving Syrian Chemical Arms Through Battlefields

A regime helicopter exploded in the sky over Jassim village in Raqqah. Kurdish YPG fighters clashed with the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, and rebels in Raqqah. Al Nusrah and several rebel units belonging to the sharia council captured the Koniko gas facility in Deir Izzour city, considered the biggest gas facility in Syria. Fighters are reportedly massing for a major battle in Qalamoun in Reef Dimashq; thousands of Hezbollah fighters are said to be gathering near the Lebanese border, and thousands of Al Nusrah and rebel fighters are said to be gathering nearby. Regime forces are trying to take control of the road through Qalamoun; Syria's chemical weapons are expected to pass through it on their way out of the country for disposal. ISIS executed six rebel fighters from the al-Hijra ila Allah battalions in Latakia. A senior Hezbollah commander died in Syria of battle injuries received several days ago.

Syrian Government's Forces Gain, but a Siege War Goes On

St. Petersburg Sends Contractors to Syria

Exclusive: US and Iran Poised to Meet to Tackle Syria Aid Together

A top commander in the Iraqi Abou Fadl el-Abbas brigade, which is fighting in support of the Assad regime, was killed in clashes with rebel forces outside Damascus. After fierce fighting with the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, Maghaweer Baba Amr, al-Khadra' battalion, and rebels, regime forces took over the Mahin arms depots and the towns of Howarin and al-Hadath in Homs. ISIS, Al Nusrah, and rebel forces withdrew to a stronghold in Tal Hasel in Aleppo and seized the road between Aleppo international airport and al-Safira city. Al Nusrah publicly executed a man in Aleppo, and rebels detained 30 civilians. Islamist and regime forces clashed in Reef Dimashq. ISIS refuted reports it had withdrawn in Raqqah and said rumors that ISIS was disbanding soon were untrue, as "the ISIS is bigger than any other organization on an international scale." Kurdish YPG fighters attacked ISIS, Al Nusrah, and rebels in Raqqah. ISIS released the head of the sharia council in Ma'dan after days of detention. Albania refused to allow the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons on its soil. ISIS released video of a Kurdish suicide bomber and another Kurdish fighter threatening fellow Kurds. Al Nusrah released video of its Sept. 11 suicide truck bombing near Deir al-Zour airport.

Chemical Arms Monitor Debates Syrian Plan to Destroy Weapons

Tweeting Gulf Arabs Wire War Chest to Fight Assad on Every Front

Palestinian from Gaza reportedly killed fighting for ISIS near Aleppo

Before reaching Syria, Amer Abu Ghoula was reportedly sentenced to a year in prison in Gaza for aiding those behind the kidnapping and murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

Report: Israel targeted upgraded anti-aircraft systems in Syria in late October

A regime airstrike in Aleppo killed Youssef al-Abbas, commander of the Qatari-backed al-Tawhid Brigades. Hassan Nazrallah, the head of Hezbollah, said the group would not withdraw from Syria so long as the Assad regime needed it. The Jaish al Islam, a rebel coalition linked to Saudi Arabia, issued a call for foreign fighters; a jihadist research group questioned the move. Regime forces clashed with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, the Al Nusrah Front, al-Khadra' battalion, Maghawir Baba A'mru brigade, and rebels outside Mahin in Homs. An ISIS suicide bomber detonated near Hasel in Aleppo. Protests near ISIS headquarters in Qadi A'skar in Aleppo called for the release of kidnapped activists and an end to masked men in Aleppo city. Kurdish forces now control all of the mainly Kurdish cities in Hasakah. Norway said it would send 50 troops and two ships to help transport chemical weapons out of the country for destruction.

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels apologize after cutting off head of wrong person

The head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party claimed that Kurdish militias have killed some 3,000 Salafists. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham issued a call for all Muslims and factions to come to the front as the group lost many fighters in recent clashes in Aleppo, and threatened to disarm or take to sharia court those armed groups and fighters who do not respond to the call. Regime forces dropped explosive barrels on parts of Tal Hasel in Aleppo that are controlled by ISIS, the Al Nusrah Front, and rebels. ISIS reportedly killed and decapitated a fighter in Aleppo. In Idlib, gunmen shot a doctor, and rebels launched rockets on a Shiite town. In Raqqah, rebels launched rockets on two towns held by the Kurdish YPG. A suicide car bomb detonated at a regime checkpoint in Damascus. The UN denounced recent "barbaric" mortar attacks on Damascus schools.

Hardened in Syrian war, Hezbollah presents new set of threats

Syria war leads to rise of kidnappings in Lebanon

Private Donors' Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria

Islamist and al Qaeda-linked forces in Aleppo reportedly issued a declaration yesterday calling on fighters to come to the fronts to help repel an alleged offensive by regime, Hezbollah, and Iraqi Abu al-Fadl Abbas forces to retake Aleppo. The Syrian National Coalition named a provisional government for rebel-held areas, to be based in Gazientep, Turkey. Syrian Kurds in the northeast announced the formation of a "transitional civil administration for the area of Western Kurdistan-Syria." A Palestinian Liberation Organization delegation is trying to broker a truce for the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp. Fighting raged in Damascus suburbs.

Women among the biggest losers in Arab Spring

As son heads to Syrian front, family in Germany plots kidnapping to bring him back