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Companies, port sought to destroy Syria poisons

Briton 'doing his duty' by fighting for group linked to al Qaeda in Syria

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, along with the Al Nusrah Front, carried out four suicide car bombings today in the Qalamoun region, killing at least seven regime soldiers. ISIS, Al Nusrah, and two allied rebel groups attacked regime positions in Reef Dimashq. Regime forces in Damascus reportedly detained Raja al-Nasser, the General Secretary of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria. Al Nusrah raised its flag over a Shiite shrine in Raqqah after the rebel group controlling the area pledged allegiance to Al Nusrah. ISIS publicly executed two captive Kurdish YPG fighters in Raqqah. ISIS, Al Nusrah, and rebels killed several YPG supporters in attacks on two villages in Hasakah. A British Muslim from London is said to have died fighting for al Qaeda forces in Syria. US intelligence officials expressed concerns about the hundreds of jihadists drawn to fight in Syria and the rise of "migrant brigades" among the rebel forces. Al Nusrah claimed to have killed at least 145 regime fighters in Aleppo between Nov. 7 and Nov. 17 with help of the Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement and the al-Fajr Movement.

US officials warn of insurgents streaming into Syria

Young Palestinian Refugees Join Jihadists Fighting in Syria

Briton killed fighting in Syria civil war

Chechens drawn south to fight against Syria's Assad

Al Qaeda-linked group strengthens hold in northern Syria

Meet the Syrian Rebel Commander Assad, Russia and the US all fear

How an unemployed blogger confirmed that Syria had used chemical weapons

IMU praises slain Syrian Islamist brigade commander

No tolerance for militants headed to Syria, Turkish FM Davuto─člu says

The Syrian military claimed to have taken full control of Qara in the Qalamoun region and to have killed a "large number of terrorists." The Al Nusrah Front withdrew from Qara, but activists from Al Nusrah and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham say they will return. At least 68 regime soldiers were reportedly killed in the Nov. 17 explosion at the Harasta base in Reef Dimashq. ISIS continued to clash with regime forces near the 80th brigade base in Aleppo. A sharia court ordered that the crossing between rebel and regime-occupied Aleppo be open two hours a day and only for "humanitarian cases." A rebel commander in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus was assassinated. The bodies of four rebels, including a leader, were found in Idlib after a sharia court ordered the men's execution. The patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic church in Syria urged Christians to remain; some 450,000 have been displaced by the war. The OPCW is considering the possibility of destroying Syria's chemical weapons at sea. A former German footballer turned jihadist who had trained in Pakistan died fighting for al Qaeda forces in Syria.

Abdullah Azzam Brigades claims credit for attack on Iranian embassy

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an al Qaeda-linked group, has claimed responsibility for twin suicide attacks on the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

Inside Syria's Next Big Battle

'Syria is not a revolution any more - this is civil war'

From Soccer to Jihad: German Football Talent Killed in Syria

Why Has the U.N. Given Assad a Free Pass on Mass Murder?

Big push by Syrian military suspected as refugees pour into Lebanon

Abdelqader Saleh, head of the Islamist al-Tawhid Brigades, died in a Turkish hospital after being wounded in Aleppo on Nov. 14. A rebel bombing at a military base near Harasta in Reef Dimashq killed three generals, a brigadier general, and 27 soldiers. Ten fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and 18 regime soldiers were killed in clashes in Tal'aran in Aleppo. A fighter jet was shot down in Aleppo, and ISIS blew up a bridge near Tal Hasel. The sharia court in Reef Aleppo publicly whipped several detainees. ISIS detained a rebel fighter in Raqqah. Turkish border guards reportedly shot and killed three civilian Syrian Kurds near the border in Hasakah; Turkish reports said the three were smugglers. Rebels wearing regime uniforms at a fake checkpoint in Hama ambushed and killed at least six regime soldiers and took others captive.