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Islamic State militants on offensive against Kurds in northern Syria near Turkish border

Lebanese jihadis pledging allegiance to the Islamic State

Syria's Druze reject autonomous statelet despite growing ISIS threats

The Islamic State took over a number of villages near Ayn al Arab in northern Aleppo after YPG fighters withdrew. Islamic fighters and rebels battled both regime forces and the IS in Aleppo. The Al Nusrah Front clashed with Qabdat Al Shamal battalions and Omar Al Faroq battalions in Soran E'zaz in Aleppo over Al Nusrah's going to the Turkish border to deal with abusive fighters and smugglers. The IS clashed with the Islamic Army in Reef Dimashq, and lost over 20 fighters to a regime air raid in Raqqah. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front fought against regime forces in Quneitra, Hama, and Reef Dimashq. In Deir Izzour city, the IS battled Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front.

Several rebel groups, including the Syrian Rebel Front and the Harakat Hazm, both active in Idlib, and the Al Nusrah Front, said they have created an elite force of 600 fighters to help stave off the regime attempt to take over Aleppo. In Deir Izzour, the Islamic State blew up houses of Al Nusrah commanders in Al Shhil and in Al Dahla; and a number of towns and fighters swore allegiance to the IS. In Raqqah, the Daoud Brigade swore allegiance to the IS, regime forces clashed with the IS near the 17th Division, and Kurdish YPG forces battled the IS near Tal Abyad. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front fought regime forces in Reef Dimashq; and in Aleppo, where the IS also clashed with the YPG. The Islamic Front is negotiating with the IS in Deir Izzour; and battled regime forces in Hama, Idlib, Deraa, and Reef Dimashq near Ghouta. The Syrian National Coalition elected Hadi al-Bahra as its new president, to replace Ahmad Jarba.

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Fears of ISIS grow in Lebanon

Europe employs outreach program to rehabilitate Islamist extremists

US team begins destroying Syrian chemical arsenal at sea

Regime forces are beginning to close in on Aleppo, and the Islamic State is moving into the countryside north of Aleppo. The IS targeted the town of Ikhtren in north Aleppo, and the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front battled regime forces in Al Zahra, Khan Toman, Al-Brej, Kafar Segher, and near Aleppo central prison. The IS has displaced tens of thousands of Deir Izzour residents in Khasham, Tabeyyet Jazeera, and Al Shhil, and is negotiating terms of "repentance," involving displacement, for the towns of Granij, Abo Hamam, and Al Keshkeyyi; regime airstrikes targeted IS-held areas in Mo Hasan, Al Mayadin, Khasham, and Al Kasra. The IS blew up a shrine in Albu Kamal; protests against the IS were held in Al Qureyyi and Al Ashara. A sound bomb was thrown at a rebel battalion headquarters in Al sh'ytat. in Homs, the IS ambushed Al Nusrah fighters retreating from Deir Izzour three days ago. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front battled regime forces in Hama and Idlib. The Islamic Front battled regime forces in Deraa, where it was attacked by Al Nusrah in Zayzon; the Islamic Front also clashed with regime forces in Reef Dimashq. Repeated rebel attacks on the power infrastructure in southern Syria have led to electricity rationing in the area. Druze leaders in Sweida beat up members of a military intelligence patrol.

Western help, boosted cooperation behind security successes

Updated: Popular Australian cleric seeks to travel to Syria, join Islamic State

Shortly after the Islamic State declared the formation of the caliphate, Musa Cerantonio, a popular cleric, announced he was planning to travel to Syria.

Europe's fear: Turkey's porous border serves as gateway for ISIS's spread

NGO: ISIS expels thousands in east Syria

Who controls Syria's oil?

The Islamic State has taken control of all of Syria's main oil and gas fields. In Deir Izzour, the Eben Al Qayyem Brigade and Al Hamza battalion clashed with the IS in Abo Hamam; protesters in Granij called for jihad against the IS; and tribal leaders in Abo Hamam, Granji, and Al Keshkeyyi negotiated with IS for an end to hostilities. Regime airstrikes targeted IS-held areas in Al Sor in Deir Izzour, in Hasakah, and in Raqqah city. The IS executed two men and mutilated the corpses of YPG fighters in Aleppo. The Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, the Jaysh al Muhajireen wal Ansar, and rebels battled regime forces in Aleppo. Regime forces claimed to have discovered a large rebel weapons cache in the Sheikh Najar area of Aleppo. Al Nusrah took over a checkpoint in eastern Hama, and clashed with regime forces in Ghouta and near Al Mleha in Reef Dimashq, where the Islamic Front fought alongside Al Nusrah. The Islamic Front also battled regime forces in Damascus and Deraa. The IS is reportedly planning to issue passports to citizens of its self-declared caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Al Nusrah Front weakened in Syria by ISIS Islamic State: Analysts

How a talented footballer became world's most wanted man, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

Islamic State's 'caliph' speaks at Mosul mosque

The Islamic State took over the al Tanak oil field in eastern Deir Izzour, and is also advancing north up the Euphrates River toward the Turkish border. Elsewhere in Deir Izzour, 30 IS fighters broke out of an Al Nusrah Front jail in Al Hawayej, and residents of Al Shhil have turned over their weapons to the IS and begun vacating the city. The IS clashed with regime forces in Raqqah; battled the Army of Islam in eastern Ghouta in Reef Dimashq; and clashed with Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front in Aleppo, where it also clashed with Kurdish YPG forces near Ayn al Arab and took over the village of al Zyara. Worshipers in mosques in Manbej city and Al Bab city reportedly swore allegiance to Emir al Mu'eminin al Baghdadi. Al Nusrah, Jaysh al Mujahedeen, Jaysh al Muhajireen, the Islamic Front, and rebels battled regime forces in Aleppo, where regime forces have lately made gains. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front also clashed with regime forces in Homs and Deraa. The Islamic Front also fought regime forces in Hama, Reef Dimashq, and elsewhere in Deraa.