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Wary of rockets, IDF beefs up security on Golan Heights

Obama's Failed Outreach to Syria's Islamic Front

Syria Has Yet to Move Arms as Deadline Draws Near

An opposition activist group claimed that regime airstrikes and barrel bombs in and around Aleppo over the past two weeks have killed 471 civilians, 34 rebel fighters, and 12 Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham fighters. The UN has completed 24 humanitarian flights to Qamishli via Iraq in an airlift that began Dec. 15, delivering supplies to displaced persons inside Syria; the UN is continuing to send 250 trucks a week throughout Syria with aid. The ISIS released video of the execution of an alleged pro-regime gang member.

Regime aircraft dropped explosive barrels on an Aleppo market, killing at least 25 people. An Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham commander was killed in a clash with Kurdish YPG forces in Hasakah. ISIS and YPG forces battled violently in Aleppo's Efrin district. The Al Nusrah Front and Islamic battalions fought against regime forces in the Babila area of Reef Dimashq. The Syrian free lawyers' union said it would establish national courts in rebel-held areas, and that the courts would apply law based on the 1950 constitution until a new one is drafted, so long as the law complies with sharia.

How al Qaeda Changed the Syrian War

Syria's civil war tests whether borders drawn less than a century ago will last

US aid to Syrian refugees generally stops at the border

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, the Al Nusrah Front, and other Islamist rebel groups clashed with regime, Hezbollah, and NDF forces in Aleppo. A regime ambush near Maloula killed "tens of Islamist fighters" said to be members of Al Nusrah. Residents of the blockaded rebel-held town of Moadamiyeh near Damascus raised Syrian flags as part of a deal with the Assad regime to allow food into the besieged area; rebels are to turn over their heavy weapons and inhabitants are also expected to expel unregistered persons. Several civilians died of malnutrition in the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Kurdish YPG forces took over five villages near Qamishli in Hasakah after clashes with ISIS. The sharia council in al-Bukamal city executed an alleged criminal in a public square. Russia said that the Dec. 31 deadline for the removal of Syria's chemical weapons will be missed as the toxins to make sarin, VX gas,and other agents are still being packed for shipment to the port city of Latakia.

Fallout from Syrian conflict in Lebanon

As 2014 dawns, Israel keeps a nervous eye on regional jihadist groups

Head of Al Nusrah Front interviewed by journalist convicted in Spain on controversial terror charges

Tayseer Allouni aired the first televised interview with Abu Muhammad al Julani, the head of the Al Nusrah Front, earlier this month. Allouni was controversially convicted by a Spanish court on terrorism charges in 2005. A Spanish court alleged that Allouni assisted the al Qaeda operative who now heads al Qaeda in the Levant, among other charges.

Regime officials reached an agreement to allow food into the blockaded rebel-held town of Mou'adamiya if the rebels hand over their heavy weapons and residents raise the Syrian flag. A car bomb injured several people when it exploded yesterday at a bus station in the Kurdish city of Efrin in Aleppo, which is besieged by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and allied forces. The Al Nusrah front claimed a large operation in Ghouta last month in which it was assisted by Jund al-Malahem [Soldiers of the Epics], Jaysh al Islam, and some Free Syrian Army battalions; the al Qaeda affiliate also claimed two recent operations in Deraa.

AP Exclusive: Al Qaeda leader targeting UN workers

Exclusive: Assad's secret oil lifeline: Iraqi crude from Egypt

Regime barrel bombing continued in Aleppo, killing 13 more civilians; barrel bombs were also dropped in the border city of Azaz, killing 15 people. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, the Al Nusrah Front, and other Islamist forces battled regime troops in Aleppo, and rockets were fired by rebels at the Palace of Justice. President Assad claimed that Syria is facing a major offensive by Islamist extremists. Russia has sent 75 trucks to Syria to help with the removal of chemical weapons.

Islamic Front joins al Qaeda suicide assault to take Syrian hospital

The Al Nusrah Front said it commanded units from the Islamic Front when it launched a suicide assault to take control of a hospital in Aleppo.

Teenage photographer killed in Syria

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham kidnapped at least 50 Syrian Kurdish civilians from a road near Khan al Asal. The rebel Liwa' al-Salajika group kidnapped seven civilians, including women, from a Kurdish village near al Bab city on Dec. 20. ISIS also kidnapped over 170 Kurdish civilians earlier this month. A truck bomb in a Shia town in Homs killed at least 12 civilians, including children. Regime barrel bombs in Aleppo reportedly killed 44 civilians, including children. The Red Crescent brought food into Aleppo Central Prison and took out seven inmates whose terms were finished. Kurdish YPG forces clashed with ISIS in Aleppo near Kobani city. Rebels launched rockets into the Shia towns of Nubul and Zahra.

The Al Nusrah Front carried out two suicide car bombings outside the al-Kandi hospital in Aleppo city. Islamists and al Qaeda-linked groups took over the hospital, which is near Aleppo Central Prison. Three Hezbollah fighters were killed in clashes with Al Nusrah, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, and Islamic battalions in Reef Dimashq. Syria's prime minister blamed Lebanon for facilitating the entry of rebels into Syria, and credited Hezbollah with helping to prevent some of the terrorist activity along the border, particularly in Qusayr. Syrian National Coalition president Ahmed Al-Jarbat said Syrian Kurds would participate in Geneva II with two delegations, one with the opposition and the other with the regime.