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Al Qaeda, tribal allies 'control' Fallujah

While the military and allied tribes organize to retake areas of Ramadi and launch operations in other cities and towns, Fallujah, a city that once represented the seat of power for al Qaeda in Iraq, has again fallen under control of the group.

A mass demonstration against both the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and the Assad regime took place in Aleppo city. ISIS clashed with rebel groups in various locations in Aleppo province. The Islamic Front and the Syrian Revolutionaries Front called on ISIS to leave the town of Atareb in Aleppo. The Islamic Front denounced ISIS crimes, and the Mujahedeen Army declared ISIS an enemy. Islamist brigades sent reinforcements to the ISIS-controlled Bab al-Salama border crossing by Azaz city. In Idlib, ISIS forces fired on a demonstration and sieged several field clinics. An Arab member of the Al Nusrah Front detonated in a suicide bombing near a checkpoint in Deraa. Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al Khalifah, an ex-Guantanamo detainee from Bahrain, is said to have joined the jihad in Syria. Five aid workers from Doctors without Borders were seized in northern Syria by an unnamed group; ISIS has reportedly stormed a hospital in Latakia, taking its doctors and also other doctors from their homes to an unknown location.

Report: Ex-Guantanamo detainee and member of Bahrain's royal family joins Syrian jihad

An ex-Guantanamo detainee, Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al Khalifah, has reportedly traveled from Bahrain to join the jihad in Syria. According to a leaked Joint Task Force Guantanamo threat assessment, Sheikh Salman had ties to senior al Qaeda and Taliban officials prior to his detention in Pakistan and transfer to Guantanamo.

Silence continues over abduction of Syrian human rights lawyer

Hezbollah Upgrades Missile Threat to Israel

Chatah's assassination marks rise of extremism in Lebanon

The Syrian National Coalition charged that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham is linked to the Assad regime and serves its interests. An opposition activist group said the body of a British doctor who had been allied with the Islamic Front's Ahrar al Sham but executed by ISIS was recently handed over in a prisoner exchange. The Islamic Front demanded that the ISIS perpetrators be brought to justice by a sharia court for the doctor's death. ISIS released a video clip on the creation of an Islamic state and Osama bin Laden blessing its predecessor group ISI, and the Al Nusrah Front released a lengthy video on its joint operation with the Islamic Front and the Fajr al-Sham Islamic Movement in the capture of an Aleppo hospital.

Israeli study of foreign fighters in Syria suggests Shiites may outnumber Sunnis

Al Qaeda seizes partial control of 2 cities in western Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham has taken control of sections of Ramadi and Fallujah. In Ramadi, a large convoy of ISIS fighters has been seen moving through the city.

An opposition activist group that reports on the Syrian conflict said its network of sources is increasingly being threatened by Islamist extremists. The Syrian Electronic Army reportedly hacked Skype. The 11-nation Friends of Syria group plans to convene in the coming days in advance of the Geneva II talks.

Al Qaeda-affiliated emir arrested in Lebanon

Emir of Abdullah Azzam Brigades detained in Lebanon

Majid.jpgMajid bin Muhammad al Majid, a Saudi jihadist who leads the al Qaeda-associated Abdullah Azzam Brigades, is thought to have been captured last month.

An opposition activist group claimed to have documented the deaths of over 130,000 people in the Syrian conflict so far. A member of the Syrian National Coalition alleged that President Assad had told Russia he aimed to take control of 80 percent of Syria prior to the Geneva II talks. The Vatican plans to host a workshop on Jan. 13 aimed at achieving a ceasefire in Syria.

Behind Assad's Comeback, a Mismatch in Commitments

Syria - The Revolution Betrayed

At least 19 rebels have been killed in three days of fighting with regime troops for control of the Deir Izzour military airbase. Foreign Minister Muallem said yesterday that Syria wants Iran to attend the Geneva II talks. The UN asked the regime and rebels to allow aid into the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Meeting with Lebanese clerics, President Assad condemned Wahhabism as intolerant; the day before, Saudi King Abdullah accused Assad of "destroying his country" and attracting extremists to Syria.

Wary of rockets, IDF beefs up security on Golan Heights

Obama's Failed Outreach to Syria's Islamic Front

Syria Has Yet to Move Arms as Deadline Draws Near

An opposition activist group claimed that regime airstrikes and barrel bombs in and around Aleppo over the past two weeks have killed 471 civilians, 34 rebel fighters, and 12 Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham fighters. The UN has completed 24 humanitarian flights to Qamishli via Iraq in an airlift that began Dec. 15, delivering supplies to displaced persons inside Syria; the UN is continuing to send 250 trucks a week throughout Syria with aid. The ISIS released video of the execution of an alleged pro-regime gang member.