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A President Whose Assurances Have Come Back to Haunt Him

Reconnaissance aircraft at high altitudes were spotted in Hasakah and Raqqah where the Islamic State is operating. At least 10 fighters from the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front were killed in clashes with regime forces in Reef Dimashq, where Al Nusrah executed a man accused of spying for the regime. In Hama, an Al Nusrah commander was killed by militiamen in an area controlled by the Islamic State, and Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front continued their assault on the Christian town of Mharde. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front also clashed with regime forces in Quneitra.

Israel provides intelligence on ISIS

West widens contacts with Syria's Kurds

Eastern churches renew calls to prohibit attacks on Christians

Al Nusrah Front releases English-language summary of monthly operations

The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria, has released an English-language pamphlet highlighting its activities throughout the month of August. The publication focuses on the group's military operations, including targeting Assad's forces and Hezbollah fighters, as well as its social work.

The Islamic State and the politics of official narratives

One Year After Leader's Death, North Caucasus Insurgency Soldiers On

Destroying ISIS May Take Years, US Officials Say

Obama to set out plan to go on offensive against Islamic State

US airstrikes target Islamic State at the Haditha Dam

The US air campaign against the Islamic State has expanded into Anbar province.

Regime aircraft carried out airstrikes for a second day on an Islamic State training camp in Raqqah, killing at least six fighters; 31 people, including at least eight civilians, were killed by a strike on a bakery in Raqqah. The Islamic State captured and then released an Al Nusrah Front commander in Deir Izzour. Regime officials and representatives from Daraya in East Ghouta held reconciliation talks in Reef Dimashq. Regime forces continued to clash with the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front in Quneitra. Veteran al Qaeda jihadist Abu Firas al Suri said that Al Nusrah's capture of 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers is governed by sharia.

Al Qaeda veteran takes on a more prominent role as spokesman in Syria

Abu Firas al Suri long served as a clandestine figure in al Qaeda's international terrorist network. Today he serves as the Al Nusrah Front's spokesman. He is tasked with defending Al Nusrah's capture of more than 40 UN peacekeepers.

US: 'No plans' for military coordination with Iran over IS

US Fears Syrian Chemical Weapons Falling to Extremists

In Raqqah, airstrikes hit the al Takae camp, the Islamic State's largest camp in the province, causing massive explosions. IS fighters targeted an "unknown reconnaissance aircraft" over Raqqah city without hitting it; activists claimed it was a US drone. In Deir Izzour, regime aircraft killed 18 IS fighters and commanders; among them was an American jihadist. The IS is requiring women to adopt Islamic dressing in Deir Izzour. Regime forces continued to clash with the Islamic Front and the Al Nusrah Front in Quneitra.

The Islamic State's global reach

US says NATO group 'core' will form larger coalition to counter Islamic State

UK could launch strikes against ISIS in Syria without Assad's support, says PM

Balkan fighters abroad: Holy warriors