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As al Qaeda revives, Iraq struggles to secure Syria border

A Report on Suicide Bombings in 2013

Fighting Among Rebels Boosts Syrian Regime

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham captured al Bab in Aleppo from rebel units, setting up checkpoints and conducting house-to-house searches. State media claimed that security forces killed scores of Islamic Front fighters in Damascus and destroyed a large quantity of weapons and uncovered terrorist tunnels in Aleppo. ISIS and rebels clashed in Aleppo, but ISIS and rebels also fought against regime forces in the province. A car bomb near an Islamist movement checkpoint in Idlib killed at least five rebel fighters. In Homs, Islamist rebels executed three members of Syrian intelligence, and ISIS executed at least 14 rebels after clashes in the desert. In Raqqah, ISIS killed at least 46 members of an Islamist movement who were leaving Raqqah for Hasakah. The Al Nusrah Front said that six brigades in Ghouta have joined it, claimed the killing of 65 Kurdish PKK fighters and regime troops in Hasakah as well as an attack on a Shiite brigade in Damascus, and vowed revenge for the killing of Muslims at Matahen in Homs. The US and Russia called for a ceasefire, prisoner exchanges, and the opening of humanitarian corridors prior to the Geneva II talks. A group of Syrian women demanded that women have a voice at the talks. The Red Cross called the humanitarian situation in Syria "catastrophic."

Syria Rebels Turn Against Most Radical Group Tied to Al Qaeda

Iraq's Maliki to revive Sunni militia role against al Qaeda

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham recaptured much of Raqqah city; the Ahrar al Sham did not oppose ISIS. Rebel and Islamist battalions, including one affiliated with Al Nusrah Front, clashed with ISIS in Raqqah. In Aleppo, the ISIS clashed with Islamist battalions in Jarabalus city and at the Bab al-Salama border crossing; ISIS also killed a senior commander in the Mujahideen Army's Nour al-Din Zanki brigades. State media claimed that security forces in Damascus killed and wounded a number of Islamic Front fighters in Adra and a number of Al Nusrah Front fighters in Madaya. One ISIS foreign fighter was killed in a clash with an Islamist movement in Hasakah. Islamist rebels targeted a regime checkpoint in Deir Izzour. An ISIS car bomb in Idlib killed one rebel. An opposition activist group claimed that some 700 people, including 351 combatants from Islamist and non-Islamist rebel battalions, and 246 ISIS fighters, have been killed fighting each other in the past nine days.

Top envoys insist Syria peace talks must proceed

Syrian rebels, al Qaeda infighting escalates on Turkey's doorstep

As Assad lingers, Turkey focuses on ISIS

Australia spying on Syria fund-raisers amid terrorism funding fears

ASIO spying on Syria fund-raisers amid terrorism funding fears

A top Syrian National Council official claimed that discussions are underway with all opposition military forces, including the Islamic Front, to create a "Free National Army" to fight against extremist Islamist rebel groups and the Assad regime. The Islamic Front is reportedly considering the idea, said to involve a complete restructuring of the Free Syrian Army's Supreme Military Council. Six Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham fighters were killed in Idlib in clashes with Islamist and rebel battalions. On Jan. 6, a Belgian ISIS emir in Idlib threatened that hundreds of ISIS fighters are ready to carry out suicide car bombings in the province. In Aleppo, two suicide bombers detonated near rebels, the Al Nusrah Front bombed a regime building, and an "infamous" rebel battalion executed a civilian suspected of fighting for ISIS and allegedly raped his mother. Rebels in Homs reported that ISIS killed over 30 Islamist rebel fighters in al-Tiba over the past three days. In Raqqah, ISIS seized the Tal Abyad border crossing into Turkey after fighting with the Islamist movement that had controlled it. In Hama, 12 civilians were killed when rebel battalions bombed their home.

Al Qaeda repeats old mistakes as a new act in Falluja's tragedy unfolds

Islamist battalions and the Al Nusrah Front clashed with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham in Raqqah city; ISIS made gains in the city. An opposition activist group claimed that some 500 people, including 85 civilians, have died in clashes between ISIS and Islamist and non-Islamist groups over the past week. A senior Al Nusrah commander said the group has been providing weapons and cars to the ISIS to assist in its battle against the Iraqi government. The number of civilians killed by a suicide truck bomb in Hama yesterday has risen to at least 20. Former employees of the Syrian National Coalition's aid organization charged that millions of dollars, given mainly by Gulf donors, have been diverted and are unaccounted for.

Al Qaeda seeks Libya foothold

What does rebel infighting mean for Syria conflict?

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with Islamist and non-Islamist rebels in Raqqah, Idlib, and Aleppo, and is said to be preparing numerous suicide attacks in Deir Izzour. In Hasakah, ISIS and rebel groups, including the Islamic Front, issued a joint declaration creating a unified sharia council and a joint operations room. In Hama, a truck bomb detonated near a school in the mainly Shiite town of Kalat, killing at least 18 people, and an Egyptian ISIS commander defected to Al Nusrah. Former ISIS prisoners alleged horrific crimes on the part of their captors, including summary executions and torture. State media claimed that Turkish truck drivers admitted to giving weapons to armed terrorist groups in a border buffer zone with the knowledge of Turkish officials. Demonstrators outside the UN headquarters in Damascus protested against the Al Nusrah Front's attacks last month on civilians in Adra. Delegates from Syrian opposition groups, including the Islamic Front, met in Cordoba, Spain, in advance of the Geneva II talks. An Arab news outlet said on Jan. 7 that "highly delicate" negotiations were underway between rebels and ISIS in Raqqah for control of the Sed Tishreen prison, where French journalists and an Italian priest were reportedly being held.

The Syrian civil war has now reached the heart of Egypt

How Syria's chemical weapons are being destroyed