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Missing bomb plot teen arrested in Vienna

The US announced that it will be sending 400 troops to train Syrian moderate opposition forces in the spring. The Islamic State has executed 17 people in the past two days, likely as a response to killings of its fighters by unidentified parties in Deir al-Zor province. "At least 1,607" people have been killed in Kobane over the past four months of fighting. Islamic State fighters launched a new offensive in the northern Kurdish city, attacking along four fronts. The US conducted six airstrikes in Syria in the past day, focused on Kobane. Two Italian aid workers kidnapped by the Al Nusrah Front have been released. The UN has begun delivering food to civilians in Homs after a negotiated ceasefire.

ISIS losing ground in symbolic Kobane battle

Lebanese Army thwarts more suicide bomb plots

Belgian authorities launch counterterrorism raids, killing 2

Morocco cracks down on ISIS backers

The US-led coalition launched six airstrikes in the past 24 hours near Kobane, "destroying eight fighting positions and an armored vehicle." The Islamic State is reported to be "losing ground" in the northern Kurdish enclave. Despite US airstrikes, the Islamic State has gained territory overall, and now controls "at least one-third" of the country. Al Nusrah members executed a women accused of adultery in Maaret Masirin in northwestern Syria. Pro-government militia members killed 14 Islamic State fighters in the towns of Ashara and Swaidan in Deir al-Zour province. US Secretary of State John Kerry stated he supports a Russian plan for peace talks.

Turkey Bans Publication of Reports on Syria Arms Delivery

A Who's Who: The Kingpins of the "Islamist Floor" in Lebanon's Roumieh Prison

Germany closer to confiscating Islamist IDs

Kurdish men on a mission to save IS captives

Islamic State uses a child to execute alleged Russian spies

Islamic State 'recruiting Afghan fighters'

CENTCOM sites hacked, publish pro-Islamic State propaganda

Hacker(s) purportedly serving the Islamic State took over CENTCOM's official Twitter feed and YouTube page on Monday.

Hayat Boumedienne, the at-large suspect in the Paris attacks, was in Turkey on Jan. 2 and crossed into Syria on Jan. 8, according to Turkish authorities. An airstrike targeting an Islamic State headquarters by the US-led coalition may have killed at least 50 civilians, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights; US officials said they saw "no evidence of civilian casualties," but will investigate. The US-led coalition conducted 22 airstrikes in Syria since Jan. 9; 20 targeted various Islamic State positions near Kobane, while one destroyed Islamic State vehicles, supplies and personnel near Abu Kamal, and one destroyed "ISIL guard facilities" near Al Hasakah. The death toll from two car bomb attacks that targeted separate Al Nusrah and Kurdish positions in Aleppo province on Jan. 10 has risen to 20.

Lebanon entered dangerous security stage: reports

Jihadi militants in Lebanon establishing 'Islamic State of Qalamoun' near Ersal

After Paris attacks, questions about intelligence failures

Al Nusrah Front suicide bombers strike in Lebanon, kill at least 7

Al Qaeda's official branch in Syria launched a double suicide attack in a predominately Alawite neighborhood of Tripoli.

Daesh draws Moroccans