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US airpower supports Peshmerga, Iraqi forces to retake Mosul Dam

President Obama expanded the US military mission in Iraq to include protecting "critical infrastructure" and supporting Iraqi Army and Peshmerga offensive military operations in northern Iraq.

Exclusive: Kurdish fighters protect Yazidis fleeing IS terror campaign

US adds Islamic State, Al Nusrah Front leaders to list of global terrorists

Abu Muhammed al Adnani is the Islamic State's controversial spokesman. Said Arif is a seasoned jihadist who has traveled to several battlefields and is now with the Al Nusrah Front in Syria.

Did Ankara miss its chance to head off the Islamic State?

Mount Sinjar dispatch: 'The pilot was afraid for my safety. Within days he would be dead'

Living in Australia, longing for jihad

The Islamic State clashed with regime forces in Raqqah in Al Tabaqa; and in Aleppo, where the IS also battled the Islamic Front, the Al Nusrah Front, and Kurdish forces. In Deir Izzour, the Islamic State told families of Labor City oilfield workers to vacate their homes so foreign fighters could move in. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the IS has executed 700 al-Sheitaat tribesmen in Deir Izzour over the past two weeks; the head of the tribe called for other tribes to join in resisting the IS. The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front fought regime forces in Hama and Aleppo. The Islamic State is also said to be closing in on the Islamic Front stronghold of Marea in Aleppo. The Syrian National Coalition asked for UN and Western intervention against the Islamic State advance in Syria. The Islamic Front also clashed with regime forces in Homs and Damascus; fought militiamen in Al Sweida; and battled the Islamic State in Reef Dimashq.

Strange bedfellows: terror groups, Kurdish factions unite against ISIS

Syrian Soldiers Celebrate Fall of Rebel Stronghold

ISIS leader flees to Syria fearing US airstrikes: Kurdish official

'Barbaric' sexual violence perpetrated by Islamic State militants in Iraq - UN

The Islamic State battled regime forces in Deir Izzour; Hama; Homs; and Raqqah, where IS is said to be imposing an Islamic curriculum in schools in the Raqqah City and its countryside. The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front clashed with regime forces in Aleppo, Hama, and Idlib. The Islamic Front also fought regime forces in Damascus; Deraa, where a suicide car bomb exploded in front of a mosque; Hama; and Reef Dimashq.

British 'jihadist' describes his plan to go to Iraq or Syria to fight

Islamic State takes Akhtarin

Terror finance worries may curb Doha kidnap mediation

The Islamic State clashed with the Islamic Front and rebels in Aleppo, and arrested and beheaded some of the fighters; clashed with villagers in Hasakah; battled regime forces in Raqqah; raided tribesmen in Deir Izzour; and fought regime forces in Hama. The Islamic State told its fighters in Aleppo that the battle in Dabeq would be the start of the campaign for Islamic armies to control the world and fight the Christian forces. The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front clashed with regime forces in Hama; Damascus; and Reef Dimashq, where regime forces took over Al Mleha. The Islamic Front also battled regime forces in Homs and Deraa.

Syrian army takes town near Damascus in blow to rebels

The Muslim Scholars Committee and the Lebanese tinderbox

A group of Lebanese clerics with links to Islamist groups mediated a ceasefire between the Lebanese military and fighters from the Islamic Front and the Al Nusrah Front in Arsal, which let as many as 2,000 Islamist fighters escape with over captive 35 Lebanese security forces.

Lebanon - Arsali and refugee relations tense

Why is Turkey supporting Islamic State fighters in Iraq?--commentary