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The Islamic State gearing up for the "War of the Cross"

Islamic State goes underground in Syrian stronghold

ISIS Draws a Steady Stream of Recruits From Turkey

Al Qaeda branches urge jihadist unity against US

AQAP and AQIM have issued a joint statement encouraging the jihadists in Syria to unite in the face of the American-led opposition. However, the statement should not be read as an indication that they are breaking ranks from al Qaeda. The two groups also offer their condolences for the Ahrar al Sham leaders who were killed earlier this month.

Al Qaeda official in Syria tweets in solidarity with Islamic State

Mideast's complexities confound US efforts to build coalition against Islamic State

Islamic State rebuilds its manpower In Iraq and Syria

Islamic State advertises for fighters from Turkey

Islamic State crisis: World leaders pledge Iraq support

Caucasus Emirate eulogizes slain Ahrar al Sham leaders

The al Qaeda-linked Caucasus Emirate joins the Al Nusrah Front and other jihadist groups in offering condolences to Ahrar al Sham.

Islamic State's war chest is growing daily

Christians of Akkar keep eye on ISIS threat

The Syrian Revolutionaries Front displayed the dead bodies of two members of a four-man suicide bombing team who had tried to attack the SRF in Idlib. A regime airstrike on a dormitory at an IS training camp in Tibni in Deir Izzour killed 17 militants and a child. The IS issued a set of rules for Raqqah City, "the Stronghold of the Islamic State in Syria," declaring among other things that those who insist on apostasy will be murdered. The Kurdish YPG battled the IS in Hasakah. Militiamen in Reef Dimashq killed a member of the national reconciliation team along with his son and his brother. A suspected suicide bomber was executed and crucified by the Islam Army in Reef Dimashq. The Al Nusrah Front and an Islamic battalion clashed in Idlib. The Syrian National Coalition announced a plan to revamp and restructure the Free Syrian Army; SNC head Hadi el Bahra said the group would fight against both the Islamic State and the Assad regime.

Al Nusrah Front and allied rebels seize most of Syria's Golan truce line

ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels: Reports

State media claimed that Khaled Maarouf, a son of Syrian Revolutionaries Front leader Jamal Maarouf, was killed in a "terrorist attack" car bombing at an SRF checkpoint in Deir Sinbul in Idlib; another report said Jamal may also have been injured in the attack. The SRF recently agreed to a ceasefire with the Islamic State in Reef Dimashq. Regime forces clashed with the Islamic State in Deir Izzour near the military airport. The Islamic State is continuing to destroy Sufi shrines throughout Syria. Zahran Alloush, leader of the Islam Army, warned that the group will start executing captured Syrian pilots in response to regime airstrikes.

Islamic State beheads British citizen, threatens another

The Islamic State released a video of the beheading of David Cawthorne Haines, a British citizen who was kidnapped while providing security for an aid group in Syria's Idlib province in March 2013.

Struggling to Starve ISIS of Oil Revenue, US Seeks Assistance From Turkey

On the CIA estimate of number of fighters in the Islamic State

Nations Trying to Stop Their Citizens From Going to Middle East to Fight for ISIS