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Extremists Pose 'Very Real' Risk to Syrian Chemical Arms: US Intel Official

Syrian opposition presents plan for post-war Syria

Battle on Lebanese border as Syria talks falter

Two Al Nusrah Front suicide bombings in Hama killed at least 30 soldiers, and an Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham suicide bombing in Damascus killed 32 people, reportedly soldiers, when two buildings collapsed. Regime forces clashed with Islamic battalions in Deraa, as well as in Idlib, in Aleppo, and in Homs. An American jihadist accused Al Nusrah of conspiring against ISIS. Al Nusrah claimed a suicide bombing in Hama on Feb. 8. ISIS issued a video featuring its slain former leader, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. The UN expressed "shock" over reports that Islamist rebels massacred civilians in Hama on Feb. 9. Syria's ambassador to Russia said the regime's most dangerous stocks of chemical weapons will be out of the country by March 1. No progress was made in Geneva II second-round talks.

British Jihadists Torture Syrian Rebel

Al Qaeda's expulsion of Islamist group in Syria prompts high-level US debate

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham is said to have withdrawn from Deir Izzour after the Al Nusrah Front and 10 other brigades joined forces against it in the province. ISIS had issued a statement in Deir Izzour proclaiming its innocence and accusing Al Nusrah and Islamic battalions such as Ahrar al Sham of treachery and hypocrisy. ISIS reportedly executed three detainees in Deir Izzour, and Al Nusrah and Islamic battalions executed several ISIS fighters. In Aleppo, Islamic battalions, Al Nusrah, and rebels clashed with regime forces, and several ISIS fighters were killed by Islamic battalions and rebels. The three-day ceasefire in Homs was renewed, and 450 civilians were evacuated today. The second round of Geneva II talks commenced. The Syrian National Coalition accused ISIS of partnership with the Assad regime.

Obama and Hollande: France and the US enjoy a renewed alliance

Al Nusrah Front praises Chechen commander killed in Aleppo

The emir of al Qaeda's Al Nusrah Front and a sharia official from the Muhajireen Army confirmed Saifullah al Shishani's death and noted that he had sworn allegiance to Al Nusrah.

In Homs, Syria, some decry UN aid effort as benefiting 'terrorists'

Islamist fighters took over the Alawite village of Maan in Hama, and an Al Nusrah Front suicide bomber detonated at a regime checkpoint in the province. Regime forces clashed with Islamic battalions in Homs, and 611 civilians were evacuated from besieged areas. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham prepared for an attack by Al Nusrah and rebels in Raqqah. Al Nusrah and Islamic battalions fought regime forces at Aleppo Central Prison, and ISIS clashed with Islamic battalions and rebels in Aleppo. Islamic battalions battled regime forces in Quneitra and in Damascus. Saudi Arabia appealed to the UN for an urgent meeting on the humanitarian situation and alleged war crimes in Syria.

Syria: Opposition mulls expanding Geneva II delegation

The Al Nusrah Front and Ahrar al Sham killed Abu Dajana, a Libyan who commanded Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham forces in Deir Izzour. Al Nusrah accused ISIS of commandeering Nusrah's resources in Deir Izzour, including the Koniko oil fields; stealing $5 million; refusing to submit to sharia court resolution; and taking over its checkpoints in Hasakah. Al Nusrah also claimed that its forces remain widespread across Syria and urged ISIS to stop its "useless" internecine fight and focus on fighting the enemy. Ahrar al Sham denounced ISIS and abolished agreements to cooperate in Hasakah, following the discovery that ISIS authorities in Deir Ezzour, Raqqah, and Hasakah were preparing a fatwa against the Islamic Front. Rebel and Islamic battalions clashed with ISIS in Idlib, and in Aleppo. Al Nusrah and Ahrar al Sham battled ISIS in Raqqah. Al Nusrah and Islamic battalions pulled back in Hama. A UN aid convoy was attacked while delivering supplies in Homs.

Regime troops retook most of Aleppo Central Prison, after two days of fighting in which 46 people have been killed. The Al Nusrah Front and Ahrar al Sham are continuing to battle regime forces on the outskirts of the prison and have taken over its new buildings. Al Nusrah gave civilians 24 hours to stay away from regime headquarters and checkpoints in Aleppo that will be targeted. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with Islamist and rebel battalions in Tal Jijan in Aleppo. About 50 ISIS fighters reportedly tried to defect in Raqqah but were stopped by loyal members. As a three-day humanitarian ceasefire began in the besieged city of Homs, 83 civilians, consisting of children, women, and the elderly, were evacuated. Some 50 leading figures urged Russian President Putin to push for an "Olympic truce" in Syria. Al Nusrah released a video showing children being taught jihadist ideology in Damascus. A jihadist forum eulogized ISIS fighter Abu Abdul Rahman al-Iraqi a.k.a. "Shibl al-Zarqawi," a seasoned jihadist who escaped from prison in Iraq in a mass ISIS jailbreak in July 2013.

Analysis: Is Syria now a direct threat to the US?

Why Is Turkey harboring terrorists?

Chechen commander for Al Nusrah Front reported killed in Aleppo

Syria conflict spurs growing jihadist threat in Lebanon

The Islamic Front, led by Ahrar al Sham, and the Al Nusrah Front, jointly assaulted Aleppo Central Prison, reportedly freeing hundreds of detainees. The Islamic Front and Al Nusrah had announced the operation called "Truthful Promise Approaches" in Aleppo. The battle of "Fak Al-A'ani" to liberate the prison started with an Al Nusrah suicide bombing that killed at least eight regime soldiers; some 16 Al Nusrah fighters have been killed, including Chechen commander Saifullah Shishani, head of the Al-Khilafa army and leader of the operation. Rebels are now said to control at least part of the prison. Regime forces battled Al Nusrah and Islamic battalions in Hama. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with Islamic battalions and rebels in Al-Ra'ii, Al-Ka'aiba, Jibal Al-Hamam, and near Menbj city in Aleppo. The head of the Syrian National Coalition said its forces will soon receive advanced weapons to aid in its fight against the ISIS as well as against the Assad regime. State media said the regime has agreed to allow the evacuation of "innocent" civilians from the besieged city of Homs and the supply of humanitarian aid to those civilians who choose to remain in Homs.

Saudi Arabia's religious police 'contains extremists'