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One British jihadi killed in Syria and Iraq every three weeks, study finds

Jihadist training camps proliferate in Iraq and Syria

More than 30 training camps have been established by the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and allied jihadist groups in both Iraq and Syria since 2012.

US military to teach Syrian opposition forces defense only

Islamic State militants allegedly used chlorine gas against Iraqi security forces

ISIS militants now world's richest: experts

Canada attackers were recent converts to Islam

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that 553 people have been killed in airstrikes since the start of the US campaign on Sept. 23. The total includes 464 Islamic State fighters, 57 members of the Al Nusrah Front, and 32 civilians. Turkey's president revealed that a deal has been struck for 200 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to join the battle against the Islamic State in Kobane. Syrian Kurds have signed a power-sharing agreement to boost outside support for their campaign against jihadists. The Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad claimed to have shot down two jets piloted by members of the Islamic State. US General John Allen has implied that the UK may soon join the air war over Syria.

Attempted kidnapping in Turkey shows reach of the Islamic State

Syria Kurds weather ISIS attack, await backup

Islamic State imposes new rules on education in Syria, Iraq

Syria tribal revolt against Islamic State ignored, fueling resentment

US supply drop to Kurds in the hands of the Islamic State

Turkey Says It Will Aid Kurdish Forces in Fight for Kobane

Turkey opposes transfer of US arms to Kurds fighting Islamic State

Islamic State attracts Kurds from Germany to join jihad

Fiercest fighting in days hits Syrian border town

Al Nusrah Front releases video of training camp in Idlib

Iranian Basij general killed in Aleppo

US still searching for credible allies in Syria

Military chiefs: Islamic State has 'tactical momentum'