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The Syrian Foreign Ministry offered to cooperate with Lebanon in combating terrorism. The regime offered a 100-day deadline for the removal of its chemical weapons, but the US and Britain said the work can be done sooner. The UN evacuation mission in Homs is focusing on male evacuees. In Aleppo, regime forces clashed with the Al Nusrah Front and Islamic battalions near Aziza, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with rebel and Islamic battalions in Talelin and Soran, and Islamic battalions executed two women from Aleppo city. ISIS clashed with Al Nusrah, Islamic battalions, and Ahrar al Sham in Hasakah. Islamic battalions fought regime forces in Hama, in Quneitra, and in Deir Izzour. Yesterday two ISIS suicide bombers detonated in the homes of two Al Nusrah Front Deir Izzour. The Syrian Revolutionary Front, part of the Free Syrian Army, has reportedly received arms and funding from Saudi Arabia. State media claimed that regime forces killed a number of Arab rebel fighters in Latakia.

Arsal overflows with refugees fleeing Yabroud

Terrorism Finance in Turkey: A Growing Concern

The UN Security Council will vote tomorrow on a resolution for cross-border aid access and an enforceable halt to bombardments in Syria. The Islamic Law Council of Deir al-Zor told women to wear the hijab, as the council is "obliged to promote virtue and prevent vice." Al Nusrah, ISIS, and Islamic battalions fought against regime forces in Reef Dimashq near Yabroud. Regime forces clashed with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham in Aleppo. A suicide car bombing near the Bab Al-Salama border crossing into Turkey killed 10 civilians. The Al Nusrah Front and Islamic battalions killed 13 ISIS fighters in Deir Izzour. Regime forces killed 18 fighters from Islamic battalions and Jund al-Sham in Homs.

Salim Idriss, the recently sacked head of the Free Syrian Army, rejected the dismissal; several top FSA commanders expressed support for him as their leader. Thousands of Syrians are fleeing to Lebanon at Arsal. Islamic battalions and the Al Nusrah Front clashed with regime forces in Hama and in Aleppo. Regime forces fought against Islamic battalions and the Jund al-Sham in Homs, and against Islamic battalions in Quneitra. The Al Nusrah Front claimed it repelled two Syrian army offensives in Hama on Feb. 13 and Feb. 14.

Abdullah Azzam Brigades alive and well, despite key arrests

Residents quietly flee Beirut's southern suburbs

Denmark 'cautiously optimistic' over Syria chemical weapons

Abdullah Azzam Brigades launches double suicide attack on Iranian cultural center in Beirut

The al Qaeda-linked group threatened further attacks against Iran and Hezbollah if their forces are not withdrawn from Syria and jihadists are not freed from Lebanese prisons.

Rebels in the south are said to be planning a spring offensive on Damascus. They have reportedly established a coalition of 47 groups and set up lines of communication between fighters in Damascus and Quneitra provinces, but regime forces are redeploying in Quneitra from Damascus. Regime, NDF, and Hezbollah forces battled the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, and Islamic battalions around Yabroud in Reef Dimashq. Al Nusrah targeted regime military buses in Deraa. ISIS executed three men in Raqqah accused of targeting the group and detained more than 20 civilians. Regime forces reportedly seized a lawyer and a daughter of an imprisoned human rights activist. A German ISIS commander was killed while fighting against Islamic battalions and rebels. Jund al-Islam commander Faisal Dawood Okla, who had escaped from Lebanon's Roumiyeh prison in October 2012, was killed by regime forces in Homs yesterday.

Jihadist way of life in Jordan

Regime forces and rebels agreed to several local truces in Damascus. Regime forces recaptured Maan, a village in Hama where at least 25 Alawites were killed by Islamist fighters on Feb. 9. Islamist and rebel fighters clashed with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham in Aleppo, and with regime forces in Homs. In clashes pitting ISIS against the Al Nusrah Front and rebel fighters in Aleppo, Deir Ezzour, and Idlib, 18 ISIS fighters were killed, along with 23 fighters from Al Nusrah and rebels. In Yabroud, an Islamist commander was killed by regime and Hezbollah forces; and in Aleppo, Kurdish Front militia head Alaa Jabbu was killed, as was a German jihadist.

Whatever happened to the Western supplies stolen in Syria?

Saudi-Qatari rivalry, depot raid blamed for Free Syrian Army reshuffle

Turkmenistan: The Achilles Heel Of Central Asian Security

The Supreme Military Council replaced head Salim Idriss with Brigadier Abdullah al-Bashir, citing "the difficulties faced by the Syrian revolution." An activist group said about 6,000 people have died in Syria since the Geneva II talks started, the highest daily toll in the conflict so far. The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham battled regime forces in Reef Dimashq. Islamic battalions and rebels clashed with regime forces in Hama and in Homs. An Islamic brigade reportedly shot an aircraft out of the sky at Kweiris airport in Aleppo. Kurdish YPG forces clashed with ISIS and rebels in Hasakah.
A PLO official said most of the Syrian rebel gunmen have left the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, after reaching an agreement with Palestinian factions; the move was made to allow the delivery of aid to the besieged camp.

US, Syria play blame game over Geneva peace talks

Saudi Internet monitors turn focus on Syria-fuelled radicalism

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, supported by the Al Nusrah Front and Islamic battalions, fought against regime, NDF, and Hezbollah forces in Damascus and in Hasakah. Regime forces clashed with Al Nusrah and Islamic battalions in Aleppo, in Hama, and in Deir Izzour. ISIS battled the Free Syrian Army's Jabhat Al-Kurd, Ahfad Al-Murslin, and Asifah Al-Shamal (Northern Storm) brigades in Aleppo near Azaz. An Islamic battalions fighter fired two RPGs into an ISIS base in a church in Raqqah.

British suicide bomber no poster child for humanity