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Rights group: Child captives suffered 'torture and abuse' by Islamic State

Life in Raqqah under Islamic State

Kadyrov: 'Most Chechens In Syria Grew Up In Western Countries'

Al Nusrah Front, Jund al Aqsa fighters photographed in Syrian Revolutionaries Front stronghold in Idlib

The members of several US-backed rebel groups, including Harakat Hazm and the Syrian Revolutionary Front, surrendered, fled, or defected over the weekend in the face of an offensive by the Al Nusrah Front in Idlib province. Bases and weapons, likely including US-supplied TOW missile systems, were seized by the jihadist group. The Islamic State has captured the Jahar gas field and large portions of the Shaer gas field in Homs over the past week. The Free Syrian Army "is coaxing Islamist opposition forces to leave the border area with Israel." A diminished Syrian regime "carries on." According to SOHR, the regime has dropped 401 barrel bombs in since Oct. 20, killing 232 civilians. The US conducted seven air strikes in Syria over the weekend, five of them near Kobane.

Al Qaeda's Nusrah lays out conditions to release captured Lebanese soldiers

Islamic State captures large swaths of Shaer gas field in Homs

Qatar pares support for Islamists but careful to preserve ties

Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Released in Syria

Al Nusrah Front forces Western-backed rebel group to flee base in Idlib

The Al Nusrah Front has forced the leader of the Western-backed Syrian Revolutionaries' Front, Jamal Maarouf, to flee his base of operations in Idlib.

New Alignments: The Kurds' Lonely Fight against Islamic State Terror

Waging the Information War on ISIS

ISIS gains halted, but defeat not on horizon

Al Qaeda group seizes bastion of Western-backed rebels in Syria's Idlib region

Syria rebels deploy peacekeepers in Idlib

The Child Soldiers Of Islamic State

Sunni Tribesmen Say ISIS Exacts Brutal Revenge

Iraqi Peshmerga forces have begun to arrive in Kobane to reinforce Syrian Kurds; about 50 free Syrian Fighters have also joined the fight against the Islamic State. Ten of 12 US airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday were dropped near Kobane. Twenty to 30 former Guantanamo Bay detainees are suspected to have joined jihadist groups in Syria, according to Defense and intelligence officials. Ten to 40 civilians died after a regime helicopter dropped two barrel bombs on a displaced persons camp in northern Idlib province. A Syrian regime general states that there is no communication with the US about Western air strikes.

UN envoy proposes 'freeze zones' to ease Syria fighting

Islamic State controls half of Kobane, says rebel leader