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Iraqi military reach Baiji; Baghdadi's fate unclear

Why arming rebels will fuel Syria's inferno

Syrian official: negotiations with US blocked by Saudi Arabia

Central Command general to ISIS: We can hear you

Lebanese general: Negotiations with ISIS require more time

Peshmergas blunt, don't break, Islamic State siege of Syria's Kobane

French defector David Drugeon, Ahrar al Sham allegedly targeted in Idlib strikes

Analysis: CENTCOM draws misleading line between Al Nusrah Front and Khorasan Group

CENTCOM denied that the five airstrikes on Nov. 5 targeted "the Nusrah Front as a whole" but instead were directed at the Khorasan Group. This is a distinction without difference, as the Khorasan Group is part of the Al Nusrah Front.

3 new jihadist training camps identified in Syria

Training camps run by the Al Nusrah Front, the Khorasan Group, and a Chechen-led group, Khalifat Jamaat, were identified in Syria. The Long War Journal has identified 42 jihadist training camps in Iraq and Syria.

'You want to kill': ISIS deserter recounts training, torture and terror

The US widened airstrikes to target Ahrar al Sham and the Al Nusrah Front in Syria; highly-sought French bomb maker David Drugeon is reported to have been killed by a drone attack. Jihadists are using cruise lines to get to Syria. Iran is working to organize Shiite militias fighting in Syria. The Islamic State remains in a stalemate at Kobane. Eleven children were killed when mortar rounds struck a school in Damascus. The regime has requested expedited air defense capability from Russia in anticipation of potential US strikes after the midterm election.

Islamic State propaganda video details battle of Kobane

Al Nusrah Front tweets photos allegedly showing aftermath of coalition airstrikes

The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria, has tweeted a series of photos purportedly showing the aftermath of the US-led coalition's airstrikes in Idlib. Prior to today, the coalition had not announced any airstrikes against Al Nusrah since the first day of the bombing campaign in Syria.

Iranian general is said to mastermind Iraq ground war

Mortar rounds crashed into a school in the rebel-held town of Qaboun, killing at least 11 children. Some ethnic Kurds are aiding the Islamic State near Kobane, according to Kurdish officials. Islamic State fighters have vowed to continue fighting in Kobane, as the outcome of the battle remains uncertain. US strategy in Syria is in doubt after the collapse of moderate rebel groups. The Al Nusrah Front threatened Lebanon over Hezbollah's involvement in Syria. The US has not ruled out expanding airstrikes to target Al Nusrah in Syria.

Al Qaeda Ally's Advance Imperils Moderate Syrian Rebels

Rights group: Child captives suffered 'torture and abuse' by Islamic State

Life in Raqqah under Islamic State

Kadyrov: 'Most Chechens In Syria Grew Up In Western Countries'

Al Nusrah Front, Jund al Aqsa fighters photographed in Syrian Revolutionaries Front stronghold in Idlib