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Special Interviews: Raqqah residents complain under ISIS rule

The Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with regime, NDF, and Hezbollah forces near Yabroud city in Reef Dimashq; regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs in the vicinity. ISIS seized portions of the Yarmouk camp in Damascus. In Aleppo, the Al Nusrah and Ahrar al Sham continued to besiege the central prison, and ISIS fought against rebels and the Jabhat Al-Kurd. In Raqqah, regime forces bombarded an ISIS convoy and battled ISIS fighters in Ein Essa. In Idlib, Al Nusrah, Jund al-Aqsa battalion, Dawood brigade, Khattab battalion, Thuwar Saraqeb front, and Thuwar Souriya seized checkpoints from regime forces; two Islamic commanders were killed. Al Nusrah claimed a March 1 attack in Hama and a March 2 attack in Aleppo. Two Los Angeles gang members are reportedly fighting for Hezbollah in Aleppo. The OPCW said Syria has shipped nearly a third of its chemical weapons out of the country so far.

ISIS suicide assault team strikes government complex in Samarra

A Tunisian known as Abu Anas al Tunisi was a member of the three-man suicide assault team that targeted a government complex in Samarra.

Syrian rebel force to receive Saudi arms has worked with al Qaeda group

Syria: Hezbollah recruitment surge as sectarian conflict spreads

In Idlib, the Islamic Front and the Al Nusrah Front clashed with regime forces; an Al Nusrah ammunition factory exploded in Sarmada. In Raqqah, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham battled regime forces and executed a Christian. In Damascus, Al Nusrah, the Islamic Front, and ISIS continued to fight against regime, NDF, and Hezbollah forces. ISIS reportedly executed 15 commanders of the Free Syrian Army's 4th Division-Damascus Guards in recent weeks. In Hasakah, an Emirati ISIS commander was killed while fighting Kurdish YPG forces. The Islamic Front clashed with regime forces in Deraa, in Deir Izzour, and in Homs, and fired Grad rockets at regime defense labs in Hama. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front also battled regime forces in Aleppo. The UN Secretary General called for a third round of peace talks in Geneva. ISIS issued a video in which Chechen commander Abu Jihad al-Shishani, speaking for Jama'a al-Muhajireen, denounced a conspiracy to slander ISIS.

Regime forces clashed with the Islamic Front in Latakia and in Aleppo. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham fought against regime forces in Reef-al Safira city. A protest in Azaz demanded that the Islamic Front pull out; ISIS pulled out of Azaz three days ago. Fighting resumed between the Al Nusrah Front and pro-regime Palestinian fighters in Yarmouk.

Al Qaeda splinter group denies killing Islamist rival in Syria

Mainstream UK charities have donated thousands to Islamic group fronted by terror suspect

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham has taken over the Halek district of Aleppo city after pulling out of Azaz following an ultimatum from the Al Nusrah Front. In Hasakah, Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front seized much of Markada after clashing with ISIS. In Deir Izzour, Al Nusrah and the Ahrar al Sham killed a number of ISIS fighters near al-Teref, and the Islamic Front fought against regime forces in Al-Sena'a, Al-Jafra, and near the military airport. Extremist cleric Abu Qatada indirectly blamed ISIS for the assassination of al Qaeda mediator Abu Khalid al Suri, and criticized the ISIS plan to tax Christians in Raqqah. The ISIS denied accusations that it had ordered the killing of al Suri and that it had called al Qaeda leaders and the Taliban "infidels."

From fantastic to fanatic: Radicalized Lebanese pop star Fadel Shaker

From Riyadh to Beirut, fear of Syria blowback

Tens of thousands under siege in Yarmouk 'slowly dying'

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with Kurdish YPG fighters as well as with the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front in Hasakah. Al Nusrah and Islamic fighters battled regime forces in Hama, and in Deir Izzour, where the two Islamist groups also clashed with ISIS. In Reef Dimashq near Yabroud, the ISIS, Al Nusrah, and the Islamic Front fought against regime, NDF, and Hezbollah forces; ISIS also detonated a suicide car bomb by a regime checkpoint near Der-Ateya. In Raqqah, ISIS searched for hidden fighters who had tried to kill an ISIS emir. In Aleppo, ISIS pulled completely out of Azaz and cut off the hand of a thief in Maskana, and rebels attacked ISIS near al-Ra'i and in Akhtrin. The Al Nusrah Front launched a new media division with a propaganda message about the gentleness of Abraham. The ISIS released a video denouncing Islamic Front factions as compromising the "honorable resistance" that aims for worldwide jihad. The Syrian National Council said it would rejoin the Syrian National Coalition. State media claimed that Libyan security forces seized a shipment of mustard gas that extremists were trying to send to Syria.

Generations on, Christians fleeing Syria return to Turkey

Slow death of Derna, Libya

Regime forces are preparing to launch a ground assault on Yabroud. In Hasakah, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham clashed with Kurdish YPG forces, kidnapped 15 civilians, and destroyed a Sufi shrine. In Aleppo, ISIS withdrew from Mayer, Jamal, Kafen, and Meneg airport, but kept fighters in Meneg city and Azaz. The Al Nusrah Front and Islamic battalions clashed with regime forces near Aleppo airport and Al-Shekh Najjar, and in Deir Izzour. Gunmen shot four ISIS fighters in Raqqah, including an Egyptian. In Reef Dimashq, NDF forces battled Al Nusrah, Islamic battalions, and ISIS in al-Ghouta al-Sharqiya. Yesterday 326 fighters were killed, the highest daily death toll for fighters in the three-year conflict.

Alleged terror financier detained in Lebanon

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia deputy leader reportedly in Syria

Kamel Zarrouk is said to have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham after fleeing security forces in Tunisia.

Maghreb to tighten noose on Syria-bound jihadists