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Kurds issue call to arms as Islamic State gains in Syria

Islamic State assaults city in Syrian Kurdistan

The border town of Kobane is under siege from the Islamic State, which continues to advance in Aleppo province.

US airstrikes boost Islamic State, more hostages possible: FBI

Dempsey: Half of Iraqi army not OK as US partners

Exclusive: Syria reveals more chemical weapons facilities to watchdog - sources

A 'fundamental fallacy' in Obama's plan to arm Syrian rebels?

Europe needs to coordinate its anti-jihadist measures

Syria's UN envoy said the Al Nusrah Front has seized all of the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, and that Al Nusrah militants are using UN vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and fighting positions against civilians as well as Syrian forces; he accused Qatar, Israel, and Jordan of allowing Al Nusrah to use the safe zone as a base from which to attack and destabilize Syria. The UN said the recent advance of "armed groups" had forced it to withdraw from the area. Syrian warplanes targeted Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front in the Golan area of Quneitra. The Ajnad al Sham Islamic Union began targeting presidential, security, and military areas in Damascus. Al Nusrah and the Islamic Front fought regime forces in Damascus. Al Nusrah agreed to meet the Syrian Revolutionaries Front in court in Idlib after clashing with the SRF in Hafer Saja. The Islamic State shot down a Syrian fighter jet that was conducting airstrikes over Raqqah city, the first such downing of regime aircraft. The IS also clashed with Kurdish YPG forces in Aleppo, and released a member of Al Nusrah's sharia committee in Deir Izzour.

The Islamic State gearing up for the "War of the Cross"

Islamic State goes underground in Syrian stronghold

ISIS Draws a Steady Stream of Recruits From Turkey

Al Qaeda branches urge jihadist unity against US

AQAP and AQIM have issued a joint statement encouraging the jihadists in Syria to unite in the face of the American-led opposition. However, the statement should not be read as an indication that they are breaking ranks from al Qaeda. The two groups also offer their condolences for the Ahrar al Sham leaders who were killed earlier this month.

Al Qaeda official in Syria tweets in solidarity with Islamic State

Mideast's complexities confound US efforts to build coalition against Islamic State

Islamic State rebuilds its manpower In Iraq and Syria

Islamic State advertises for fighters from Turkey

Islamic State crisis: World leaders pledge Iraq support

Caucasus Emirate eulogizes slain Ahrar al Sham leaders

The al Qaeda-linked Caucasus Emirate joins the Al Nusrah Front and other jihadist groups in offering condolences to Ahrar al Sham.

Islamic State's war chest is growing daily

Christians of Akkar keep eye on ISIS threat