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US-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey

Abdullah Azzam Brigades leader calls on Lebanese people to attack Hezbollah

Abdullah Azzam Brigades leader Sirajeddine Zurayqat has called on Sunnis in Lebanon to fight against Hezbollah. Zurayqat's call to arms was posted on his official Twitter account. His anti-Iran, anti-Hezbollah messaging is consistent with the Al Nusrah Front's propaganda campaign.

Turkish jets bomb Kurdish PKK rebels near Iraq

How an American suicide bomber's travels went unmonitored

Turkish sources deny giving Washington the use of bases to fight Islamic State

US and Saudi aircraft conducted seven airstrikes targeting the Islamic State in Aleppo near Kobane and one strike on a garrison in Raqqah; the airstrikes also targeted refineries used by the IS. The Islamic State advanced in Kobane after carrying out a suicide bombing with an armored vehicle and at least one other bombing with a car. Gunmen assassinated a town mayor in Hasakah. The Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, the Ansar al Din Front, and rebels fought against regime forces in Aleppo. Syrian guerilla groups such as "White Shroud" have begun hunting down and killing Islamic State fighters in Deir Izzour.

Turkey opens its bases for US and coalition forces in fight against ISIS

US general sees bigger role 'advising and assisting' Iraqi forces

20,000 Kurds protest against ISIS in Germany

Islamic State releases video of training camp in Ninewa

The Islamic State has released a video showcasing over 100 new recruits at a training camp in northern Iraq.

Kurds urge more air strikes in Kobane; monitor warns of defeat

The Islamic State battled regime forces in Deir Izzour; fought against the Islamic Front in Aleppo; and continued to try to advance against Kurdish YPG forces in the area around Kobane. The US-led air campaign carried out six airstrikes against the Islamic State near Kobane over the past two days. Over 550 people have been killed in Kobane since Sept. 16, including 227 Kurdish fighters. The Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and rebels clashed with regime forces in Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, and Idlib.

EU calls for global push against ISIS in Kobane

The Islamic State reportedly captured Kurdish headquarters in Kobane and took over at least 40 percent of the town. Coalition airstrikes targeted the Islamic State in Kobane; IS fighters are said to be raising Kurdish YPG flags to mislead the coalition, and to be wearing YPG uniforms to infiltrate Kurdish areas. The IS battled YPG and al Karama army forces in Hasakah. The Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and rebels clashed with regime forces in Aleppo; in Damascus; and in Hama.

Thousands 'will most likely be massacred' if Kobane falls to jihadists, UN warns

Islamic State fighting inside Kobane

Al Nusrah Front releases photos of training camp in northwestern Syria

The al Qaeda branch is operating camps in Syria despite US airstrikes, which have not targeted the group since Sept. 22.

US-Led Coalition Ramps Up Strikes on Kobane

Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

Has the US turned off the Islamic State's oil spigot?