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Swiss authorities acknowledged that three Iraqi men arrested in March are suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Europe with explosives and toxic gases. The three suspects also allegedly facilitated the travel of 40 fighters from Switzerland to the Islamic State in the Middle East. Reports said two of the men lived in Switzerland and the third was a resident of Damascus, Syria. Swiss authorities are currently conducting 20 investigations of suspected jihadist activities.

Kurds in Europe Take up Arms Against IS Group

Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror

Analysis finds confusion over 'armed conflicts'

Pakistan has more funds stowed in Swiss Banks than India: Report

Prototype of European combat drone makes maiden flight

UN set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state, despite threats

Saddam Hussein gave £840,000 fortune to family of British father murdered in Alps massacre

Swiss authorities are holding $1 billion in assets linked to deposed dictators in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia. Swiss officials are working with judicial officers in Egypt and Tunisia to restore the blocked funds, but the process is expected to take "years."

Authorities brought terror charges against two Iraqi Kurds living as refugees. The brothers are accused of disseminating jihadist propaganda and conveying messages between Mullah Krekar and al Qaeda-linked groups in Iraq. The elder brother is also accused of founding, with Krekar's help, a new al Qaeda affiliate in Europe aimed at establishing a global Caliphate by means of "violent criminal acts."

Chinese Banks Funneled Money to Iran, Prosecutors Believe

Italy: Ten suspects arrested over international anarchist attacks

US drone attacks in Yemen cause political strain

Ransom payments and terror: how freeing hostages helped a Taliban leader who threatens the UK

Talking to the Enemy: How German Diplomats Opened Channel to Taliban

Kim Jong Eun: Portrait of New Leader Takes Shape

Muslims outraged over pig parts dumped at Swiss mosque site

Swiss jihadi denounces Tunisian elections as Western 'trick'

Moezeddine Garsallaoui, a Swiss citizen originally from Tunisia who is now thought to be a senior al Qaeda operative in North Waziristan, said the elections are a Western trick designed to usurp the establishment of a global caliphate.

Pakistani Taliban release new video of Swiss hostages

The Taliban again called for the release of 'Lady al Qaeda' Aafia Siddiqui. The hostages may be managed by Moezeddine Garsallaoui, a Swiss citizen who is a senior al Qaeda leader in North Waziristan.

Swiss hostages moved to tribal areas in Pakistan