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Sudan's army attacked the disputed town of Heglig in order to oust South Sudanese forces from the oil-producing area. The South Sudan army said it repelled the attack.

Border clashes erupted between Sudan and South Sudan, threatening war. Sudan stopped all talks with South Sudan and mobilized its army.

On the 'merchant of death'

Sudan and South Sudan clashed in a series of battles along their border. Each accused the other of striking first. Sudan's president canceled a summit in which two landmark agreements with South Sudan were to be signed.

Tunisia Islamists Test Ideas Decades in the Making

Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti Played Crucial Role in Somalia Rescue

Sudan will soon see revolution: Islamist leader Turabi

The Sudanese army killed Khalil Ibrahim, the leader of the main Darfur rebel group, touting his death as a key victory against a powerful rebel force that once threatened Sudan's capital. Khalil Ibrahim led the Darfur-based Justice and Equality Movement, or JEM, the most organized and effective military force in Darfur.

US says no removal of Sudan from terrorism list for now

DC court: Iran showed al Qaeda how to bomb embassies

On Nov. 28, a DC district court ruled that Iran and Sudan were culpable for al Qaeda's 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The attacks killed more than 200 people and were al Qaeda's most successful operations prior to 9/11.

Fallout in the Sahara: Did the War in Libya Play into the Hands of al-Qaeda?

Iran and Sudan stand together against western powers

11,604 terrorist attacks in 72 countries in 2010

Turkish PM to Set Up Somali Embassy

Somalia heads terrorism risk, South Sudan in top 5: survey

Eritrea planned massive bomb attack on African Union summit, UN says

Another area girds for revolt as Sudan approaches a split

Militants said to gain ground in south Yemen

State-sponsored imams contradict Turkish secularism, Sudanese professor says

US balks at Pakistani bills