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New evidence shows Sudan is dropping cluster munitions onto civilian areas

Khartoum expels foreign aid agencies from eastern Sudan

Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say

South Sudan accuses Sudan of bombings ahead of talks

US officials among the targets of Iran-linked assassination plots

Tensions rise with reports of Sudan bombings on South Sudan

South Sudan accuses Khartoum of more border attacks

Ugandan army says Sudan is backing Joseph Kony's LRA

Border clashes between Sudan and South Sudan killed 21 people. South Sudan said it would pull out of a disputed region. Sudan's President declared a state of emergency for the area. China offered South Sudan $8 billion in aid.

Sudan said it had repelled a rebel attack on a strategic border town in its south. Sudan accuses South Sudan of backing the rebels.

Analysis: The Sudans put China in a policy bind

South Sudan withdrew from a disputed oil field, averting a potential war with Sudan. Sudan declared victory, saying its armed forces had "liberated" the area.

African migrants flood Israel after perilous treks

Sudan declares war on South Sudan: Will this draw in East Africa, and China?

The crisis over South Sudan's occupation of a disputed oilfield escalated. Sudan's president vowed to teach South Sudan a "final lesson by force" and said the recent violence had "revived the spirit of jihad" in Sudan. South Sudan accused Sudan of planning genocide. Southern Sudan repelled several ground attacks.

South Sudan said it would hold its position in a contested oil field it seized from Sudan. Sudan it would not be deterred from recapturing the oilfield.

Sudan's army attacked the disputed town of Heglig in order to oust South Sudanese forces from the oil-producing area. The South Sudan army said it repelled the attack.

Border clashes erupted between Sudan and South Sudan, threatening war. Sudan stopped all talks with South Sudan and mobilized its army.

On the 'merchant of death'

Sudan and South Sudan clashed in a series of battles along their border. Each accused the other of striking first. Sudan's president canceled a summit in which two landmark agreements with South Sudan were to be signed.