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At least 68 people, including two civilians, were killed over the weekend amid clashes between security forces and Tamil Tiger rebels. At least 81 Tamil Tigers and two Army personnel were killed in fierce fighting in Sri Lanka's restive northern areas on Monday, as troops gained control of several LTTE outposts in the rebel stronghold of Mullaittivu amidst bombardment by Air Force fighter jets.

At least 45 people were injured when a small bomb exploded in a busy market area in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo. Military officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the blast was triggered by around 100 grams of explosives. The separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebel group is the lead suspect in the attack.

Sri Lanka's defense ministry said its forces had killed at least 28 Tamil Tiger rebels in the latest clashes across the north of the island. Fighting in the Mannar, Vavuniya, Weli Oya, and Jaffna areas saw one soldier killed while 25 rebels and 34 soldiers were injured. Sri Lankan military jets bombed a meeting place of Tamil Tiger leaders in the northern region of Puthukkudiyiruppu killing an unknown number of rebels.

Bomb attacks on two buses in Sri Lanka have left 22 people dead and about 100 injured. Twenty people died and more than 80 were hurt in the blast in the capital while a later attack in the town of Kandy killed two and injured 20. Sri Lankan police detained more than 50 people for questioning following twin bomb attacks.

New fighting between government forces and Tamil Tiger separatists killed 26 rebels and four soldiers in the Vavuniya, Mannar, Welioya and Jaffna areas. Troops killed 19 rebels and lost three soldiers during heavy fighting in Mannar district while other battles in Welioya and Jaffna killed four rebels. Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels condemned government moves to devolve more power to the north and east .

Sri Lanka's military sank four Tamil Tiger rebel boats off the island's northern coast after a battle that killed eight rebels and one soldier. The rebel boats were sunk when troops fired artillery at them as they attempted to attack army and naval positions in Sirutheevu off northern Jaffna. The Tamil Tiger rebel group dismissed the government's claim and said their group killed at least 13 sailors in the predawn attack. A Tamil journalist and his friend were hacked to death in the heavily-guarded northern Jaffna peninsula by unknown men.

At least seven people have been killed and 62 injured in a bombing during rush hour on a packed Sri Lankan commuter train. The blast hit the Colombo-Panadura train in Dehiwala station, in a suburb of the capital Colombo. Ground battles between Sri Lankan troops and separatist rebels killed 21 guerrillas and one solider in the nation's northern region.