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Hostage, Nearly Released on Ransom, Dies During Raid

Africa: AU Member States' Reluctance to Transform State Broadcaster Undermines Good Governance

Central African Republic falling into anarchy

Samantha Lewthwaite 'received British passport before going on run'

'White Widow' Lewthwaite 'Key' In Al Shabaab

Authorities raised South Africa's terror alert level after learning that wanted British terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite had spied on embassies in Pretoria early this year. A convicted fraudster said he had helped process over 3 000 fake IDs and passports from al Qaeda-linked networks such as Shabaab and Soldiers of Islam, and that Lewthwaite's fake documents were among them. A weapons cache containing assault rifles and smoke grenades was found in a field in Limpopo.

Al-Qaeda: Alive and well in South Africa

France sends troops to Central African Republic to stem rebel insurgency

Al Qaeda targets French citizens abroad as no-go zones grow

Cease-fire Brokered in Central African Republic

Plan to Combat Mali's Militants Finds Few Takers

Study Ranks Countries on Nuclear Security

Mao's Rockets and the Eastern Afghan Border War, Part I

Africa Rising: Nigeria plans to build nuclear power plants

China offered Gadhafi huge stockpiles of arms: Libyan memos

Terrorists drawn to South African passports

Somaliland frees Russians over weapons for Puntland

US warns of World Cup terrorism in South Africa

Interrogations of the al Qaeda member planning the World Cup attacks revealed that the terror group planned to use cars bombs laced with rat poison, then gunmen would kill those aiding the wounded. It is reported that they planned to strike during the Denmark v. Netherlands match and use car bombs if they could not kill the players themselves.

Africa looks to nuclear power