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Shabaab stoned an 18-year-old male to death after convicting him of rape in southern Somalia. On Oct. 21, Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers killed seven Shabaab fighters who ambushed their food convoy in the Beledweyne area. Three SNA soldiers were wounded.

A bomb planted in the car of a senior police officer in Mogadishu exploded, injuring two mechanics who were working on the vehicle. Shabaab was blamed for a car bombing that killed at least 10 people in Mogadishu yesterday.

Suspected Shabaab militants detonated a car bomb in the center of Mogadishu, the capital city, killing at least seven people. Kenyan jets targeted Shabaab bases in Middle Jubba yesterday; a Kenyan commander of the AMISOM force claimed that some 60 Shabaab fighters were killed. A journalist working for a British-Somali TV station was critically wounded by suspected Shabaab attackers in an attempted assassination in Mogadishu, and a university lecturer was also wounded in the attack. UN investigators said arms intended for the Somali military are being sold on the open market. Hassan Dahir Aweys, a senior Shabaab leader wanted by the US who was arrested in June 2013, has not been prosecuted and is currently living in a Mogadishu hotel.

Ugandan troops took control of the port town of Barawe from Shabaab. Shabaab fighters left the city and reportedly went to Jilib. The Kenyan military claimed it killed 22 Shabaab fighters during an operation that targeted a "logistics base" in Bula Gadud.

Somali and African Union forces have taken partial control of Barawe, a coastal town held by Shabaab for the past six years. Shabaab fighters were said to have made a tactical retreat from the town two days ago. Some 25 Shabaab fighters were killed in clashes outside Barawe over the past two days. Jubbaland president Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) announced a new offensive to drive Shabaab from its strongholds, and offered Shabaab fighters a 48-hour amnesty.

Shabaab forces are reported to be pulling out of Barawe as African Union and Somali troops are advancing on it. Kenyan fighter jets attacked Shabaab forces in Middle Jubba on Oct. 2. Some 50 US special forces are said to have participated in an offensive against Shabaab in Galgala on Oct. 2. The Somali government has announced a $2 million reward for the capture of new Shabaab leader Abu Ubayda.

Shabaab killed 12 people, including several soldiers, in two suicide attacks that targeted African Union and Somali convoys south of Mogadishu. The government shut down two radio stations in the capital after accusing them of reproducing Shabaab propaganda.

The Pentagon confirmed that Shabaab emir Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed in a US airstrike on a camp in southern Somalia. The airstrike took place on Sept. 1. Six other Shabaab commanders are rumored to have been killed. Government forces took control of the towns of El Garas and El La Hela.

Somali and African Union forces have taken over the town of Tiyeglow from Shabaab militants, who withdrew into nearby forests on Aug. 25, giving the government control of the Bakool region. AMISOM has announced a "second phase" of the campaign against Shabaab, which will focus on militant bases in central and southern Somalia.

African Union peacekeepers and Somali troops clashed with suspected Shabaab militants in Mogadishu; at least 14 people are reported to have been killed. During the fighting between security forces and a Shabaab-linked militia led by warlord Ahmed Dai, both sides have used rocket-propelled grenades, and several civilians are said to have been killed. A Norwegian oil company decided to pull out of Somaliland on Aug. 12 after an oil exploration team was ambushed in Hudur that day. Shabaab militants attacked military bases in Bulo Barde on Aug. 8.

A Shabaab suicide bomber detonated inside the police compound of the Port City of Bossaso Aug. 4, killing the Bari regional police commander as well as the head of internal revenue and two bodyguards. A former Somali presidential candidate, Faisal Ali Warabe, confirmed that his son appeared in a propaganda video recently released by the Islamic State; in the video, his son, Finnish jihadist Sayid Hussein Feisal Ali, urges Finns to join the Islamic State.

As many as nine female street cleaners in Mogadishu were killed by a bomb blamed on Shabaab. Ethiopian peacekeeping troops clashed with Shabaab near Garbaharay yesterday and arrested six people, including Somali officials, for fomenting violence in the city. Shabaab gunned down a member of Parliament in Mogadishu on July 28. Puntland suspended cooperation with the Somali federal government on July 31 after the latter endorsed a deal authorizing the creation of an autonomous state for the Mudug and Galgaduud regions. Three Shabaab members convicted of killing civilians were executed.

Shabaab gunmen in Mogadishu assassinated Saado Ali Warsame, a former folksinger in her 70s who was one of Somalia's few female lawmakers; her driver was also killed. Somali women had recently protested the lack of women in Parliament. Shabaab fighters attacked army troops in Mogadishu last night, and a number of Shabaab fighters are said to have been arrested. Kenyan airstrikes targeted Shabaab hideouts near Jilib in Middle Jubba yesterday. A Benadir region administrator was killed by a car bomb on July 21 in Mogadishu.

A government employee arrested after last week's attacks on the presidential compound in Mogadishu told authorities he was recruited by Shabaab two years ago and that he had helped provide intelligence on military losses and potential targets. Two days ago, suspected Shabaab militants killed Somalia's deputy chief for counterterrorism and one of his bodyguards in Mogadishu, and killed an army commander in an ambush in Lower Shabelle. Shabaab executed two alleged spies in Barawe on July 13. A UN monitoring panel accused President Mohamud and four other people of conspiring with a US law firm to divert Somali assets recovered abroad.

President Mohamud fired his police and intelligence chiefs and replaced them, after yesterday's Shabaab assault on the presidential palace in Mogadishu, the second this year. At least nine Shabaab fighters, most if not all wearing suicide belts, participated in the attack.

Three days after a Shabaab suicide attack outside the main gate of Parliament, a Shabaab assault team including suicide bombers launched an attack on the presidential palace in Mogadishu. Security forces repulsed the attackers after they had breached the perimeter wall, killing three of them. Suspected Shabaab militants bombed a Gedo restaurant at lunchtime on July 5, killing at least two people and injuring over five more.

A Shabaab suicide car bombing outside the main gate of Parliament in Mogadishu killed four people, including two policemen. Seven children were among the many wounded in the attack, which took place at a checkpoint.

Prominent lawmaker Ahmed Mohamud Hayd was killed along with his bodyguard in a drive-by shooting in Mogadishu that was claimed by Shabaab; another lawmaker, Abdullahi Ahmed Hussein Onka, and a secretary were wounded in the attack. Shabaab spokesman Abdulaziz Abu Musab threatened that the group would target other lawmakers for assassination if they do not leave the government. The US disclosed that it has up to 120 military personnel in Somalia, who serve as trainers and advisers.

A remotely-detonated bomb at a municipal office in Mogadishu killed at least two people and wounded five; two traffic officers were gunned down. Armed groups attacked the Banadir regional center in Mogadishu on June 29. Shabaab militants attacked a Somali and Djiboutian base near Beledweyne on June 27. Shabaab threatened to target AMISOM and government forces, and Prime Minister Mohamed called for vigilance during Ramadan. UN Special Envoy Nicholas Kay warned that Shabaab has the capacity to conduct attacks abroad, and urged Horn of Africa countries to step up border monitoring.

The AU said Kenyan jets bombed Shabaab bases in Anole and Kuday in the Lower Juba region, killing over 50 Shabaab fighters in Kuday and 30 in Anole. Airstrikes were also reported near Kulbiyo, close to the Kenya-Somalia border. The airstrikes took place after an ambush on Kenyan troops. Shabaab declared Kenya a "war zone" in a statement on June 17, in the same language used in January 2012 by "Supreme Emir" Imam Ali of the Kenya-based Muslim Youth Centre. A bomb killed a nurse and injured a doctor in Mogadishu on June 18. The government is reportedly planning to recognize a three-region state comprised of Bay, Bakool, and Lower Shabelle.