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Security forces reportedly killed and wounded two senior Shabaab leaders, Abdullahi Abukar Ali and Ahmed Mohamed Qeyr, during a raid in Mooro Gaabey; Ali was also the police chief for Mooro Gaabey. One Shabaab militant was killed in a clash in Beledweyne with Somali troops, who repelled an attempt to take over a police station. Somali forces recaptured Ayn in Hiraan, killing four Shabaab militants. A new chief was named for Hargeisa prison, which houses convicted terrorists; his predecessor was sacked following a jailbreak. The Parliament criticized the Somali intelligence service as incompetent for failing to collect adequate information on Shabaab's activities and plans.

Parliamentarian Abdelaziz Isaq Mursal was shot dead outside his home in Mogadishu by gunmen who drove away after the attack. Shabaab has claimed yesterday's murder of MP Isaq Mohamed Riino in a car bombing. The governor of Nugal warned the media to avoid "disheartening reports."

Parliamentarian Isaaq Mohamed Riino was killed when a bomb attached to his car detonated in Mogadishu; fellow MP Mohamed Ali Dhuuh and a bystander were injured by the blast, which was claimed by Shabaab. Four Somali soldiers and six militants were killed in a Shabaab ambush on a convoy in Bay on April 17. At least six Somali soldiers were injured in a clash with police in Middle Shabelle on April 18.

Two days after seizing Taleh district, Somali forces pulled out; Shabaab fighters were reportedly in the region, which is claimed by Puntland. In a suspected Shabaab attack, a bomb attached to a solar lamp post in Mogadishu killed at least one civilian and injured five on April 15. Uganda sent 400 troops to guard UN personnel and facilties in Somalia. Two Ugandan army officers are on trial for training Shabaab fighters at a joint AMISOM-Somali facility. The Middle Shabelle government claimed to be cracking down on opium production. Security is deteriorating in Mogadishu, where two intelligence agents were gunned down on April 13. Shabaab issued a video celebrating its Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, threatening further attacks, and calling for jihadists to join the group.

During a five-hour battle that broke out when Shabaab militants attacked a convoy in Bakool carrying food for Ethiopian troops, at least 11 people were killed. The Somali military claimed to have killed "dozens of militants." Residents reported that hundreds of soldiers are pursuing the Shabaab fighters in Bakool following the attack.

Two Kenyan aid workers kidnapped by Shabaab in 2011 were rescued yesterday outside Dhobley near the Kenyan border by AMISOM troops and Jubbaland forces. The UN said weapons-related casualties in Mogadishu increased 20% in recent months.

A security guard at Puntland airport killed two UN officials, one French and the other British; Puntland's president said the perpetrators are being held and investigated. The UN officials had planned to travel to Garowe to investigate the flow of money from pirate attacks. Authorities are looking for Mohamed Ali Saed and Kedir Ahmed Yusuf, two convicted pirates among 15 who escaped from Puntland's Bossaso prison on April 4. AMISOM forces claimed they captured Wabho in Galgaduud and killed 30 Shabaab fighters; other sources said a total of 10 people from both sides were killed.

Five Somali soldiers were killed and nine wounded when men dressed in military uniforms opened fire at an unauthorized checkpoint. Three Shabaab fighters were killed and another injured in a premature detonation in Galgaduud on April 4. The military said Shabaab attacked a base in Hiraan earlier this week on the outskirts of Bulobarde. Security forces arrested two senior Shabaab operatives in late March; one is said to be a trainer with the group's Amniyat intelligence unit, and the other is thought to be behind the 2009 attack on the Halane compound in which 20 AMISOM troops were killed. Shabaab publicly executed three alleged "spies" in Barowe on March 28.

Targeting African Union and Somali commanders, Shabaab launched a complex assault on a hotel in Bulo Barde, killing at least six soldiers, including Col. Mohamud Amin, the Somali commander for Hiran. The attack began with a suicide car bombing. Attackers dressed in military uniforms reportedly killed 25 people, including Bulo Barde mayor Abdulkadir Nour and former Hiraan governor Yusuf Ahmed Hagar, as well as Col. Amin and his deputy. A suicide car bomb hit an AMISOM convoy outside Mogadishu. Shabaab forces ambushed a Puntland Defense forces commander near Bossaso, killing him and one bodyguard and wounding another. Security forces recently arrested "dozens" of Koran teachers in Mogadishu on charges of indoctrinating for Shabaab.

A spokesman for African Union forces claimed they have taken Hudur, the capital of Bakool province, from Shabaab. A Shabaab spokesman rejected the claim, and said that AU forces were outside Hudur. Bakool authorities said 12 fighters from both sides died fighting last night in Teed, about 30 km from Hudur. In February, Shabab spokesman Sheikh Ali Dheere vowed that the group would recapture territory it lost in 2013, and rejected the idea of negotiating with the government.

A Shabaab suicide bomber drove an explosives-packed car into a restaurant near an intelligence headquarters in Mogadishu, killing at least 12 people, including intelligence officers, and injuring eight others. Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, military spokesman for the al Qaeda-linked group, said the attack was part of Shabaab's operations in the capital and that such operations would continue. In separate attacks in Mogadishu earlier this week, Shabaab militants gunned down a female tea shop owner, opened fire on a female polio vaccinator as she was working, and shot and beheaded a woman and her son in the Yaqshid district.

A Shabaab suicide assault team stormed the presidential palace in Mogadishu. Two government officials, several Somali soldiers, and 10 Shabaab fighters were killed during the assault. Ethiopian troops clashed with Shabaab fighters in Luuq.

Officials and residents say Shabaab is conducting attacks almost nightly in Mogadishu and patrolling districts at night; the al Qaeda-linked group now controls some districts entirely. At least seven people have been killed and many more have been detained as a result of raids by security forces in Kismayu. Ahmed Ibrahim was appointed the interim head of security for Jubba.

Sources said Shabaab's ban on mobile Internet services was precipitated by Edward Snowden's revelations that the US government was tapping global Internet and phone systems. A Shabaab defector killed the commander of Jubaland's security forces and two of his bodyguards in Kismayo.

In response to Ethiopian forces crossing into Bakool region, Shabaab forces have begun to pull out of the region's capital of Hudur. Somali troops lost the towns of Gandarshe and Jilib Marka in Lower Shabelle to Shabaab militants after controlling the towns for less than a week. The Somali government has denied UN allegations of improprieties regarding arms shipments.

Shabaab attacked AMISOM forces twice last night. In the evening, at least one person was killed and four civilians were injured after AMISOM troops repulsed a Shabaab ambush on a troop convoy. Later that night, Shabaab attacked an AMISOM base in Mogadishu's Huriwaa district with heavy weapons including shoulder-launched heavy missiles.

A car bomb intended to target Somali and AMISOM troops in Beledweyne prematurely exploded in Bulo-Burte, killing at least eight Shabaab fighters. The detonation was the second explosives snafu in three days for Shabaab. In Somaliland, officials reportedly arrested a former senior Shabaab commander. Mogadishu's mayor called for greater cooperation between authorities and civilians, and urged city security services to kill Shabaab militants on sight.

Ahmed Abdi Godane is thought to be on the run after having narrowly escaped death twice in the past month. AMISOM and Somali troops killed seven Shabaab militants in a surprise attack on the town of Hagar in Jubba. The Deputy Governor of Lower Shabelle was injured in one of two bomb attacks in Mogadishu that appeared to target Somali government officials. Less than a year after it abandoned a similar operation, Germany is preparing to return troops to Somalia as part of an EU training mission.

As a result of Shabaab threats, a telecom provider has shut off Internet services in Mogadishu. Shabaab continues to shell Mogadishu. Shabaab reportedly allowed the resumption of mobile Internet services in Middle and Lower Jubba regions today.

Somali and AMISOM troops have removed Shabaab forces from the areas around Gendershe, Dhanane, and Jilib in Lower Shabelle. In Gedo, Somali forces claim they will soon launch a campaign against Shabaab positions with the help of Ethiopian AMISOM peacekeepers. Uganda has sent an additional 1,600 troops to join AMISOM efforts.